Hadoop User Group meeting recap, March 2011

More than 200 Hadoop developers and enthusiasts congregated on the Yahoo campus for the monthly HUG meeting on March 16-Th. As always, they were treated to some enlightening presentations in addition to good food and beverages.

After the usual 30 minutes of socializing and networking, Milind Bhandarkar from LinkedIn, kicked off the evening with a really enlightening talk on "Scaling Hadoop Applications." As a well-respected Hadoop expert and a founding member of the Hadoop team at Yahoo in 2005, Milind was able to articulate the issues and solutions very succinctly. His talk was especially interesting because he tied well known theorems and laws around scalability to the ground realities on the Hadoop clusters today.

Here are the slides from Milind's talk.

Following is the video of the presentation.

This was followed by an interesting talk on "HDFS Federation" by Yahoo's Suresh Srinivas. HDFS Federation is a major feature slated to come out in the near future and Suresh gave the audience an in-depth and in-the-trenches look at this key feature. This also tied into the theme of the day nicely as federation is all about scaling today's Hadoop clusters and making them bigger and faster.

You can find the slide-deck from Suresh's presentation below.

This talk concluded an interesting HUG. Thanks to all the Hadoop users and presenters who attended the March HUG and hope to see you all again soon. If you have an interesting topic related to Hadoop and would like to present, please don't hesitate to contact us.