Hadoop User Group (HUG) – Oct 21st at Yahoo!

Thanks everyone for joining us last Wednesday night for the Hadoop user group. There were close to a hundred attendees!
I’m excited to see that Hadoop and its related technologies creates such a buzz in The Valley.

We had a full agenda, thanks for the presenters and the courage to do a live demo :).

Hong Tang from Yahoo! walked us through Mamuk, a simulator for Large-scale Distributed System Verification & Debugging.

Philip Zeyliger from Cloudera presented the cool beta release of Cloudera Desktop

And last, but certainly not least, Shevek from Karmasphere gave an energetic review on the Karmasphere Studio™ for Hadoop.

Hope to see you all and many new faces in the next HUG on Nov 18th (with cold beers this time...).

As always, we are looking for exciting technologies/ideas and experiences you want to share.

Please email presentation requests to dekel at yahoo hyphen inc dot com