Hadoop Summit Nearly Full! We’ll Webcast and Post Video…

We've been quite impressed by the overwhelming interest in the upcoming Hadoop Summit in late March. Over 150 people have marked themselves as attending or watching on Upcoming.org.

In fact, we hit our attendance cap a mere 36 hours after announcing the event. So there's clearly a lot of interest in the program. As a result, we're opening up more slots today.

We're going to do our best to make as much of the proceedings available on-line as quickly as possible. We'd already planned to make high quality video recordings of all the talks available on YDN Theather a week or so after the event.

Now we're also looking at ways to open it up during the event as well. Expect to see a live webcast and a live chat room so that you can ask questions and chat with those who are physically in Sunnyvale, California for the summit. Once all the details are nailed down, we'll post on the Hadoop blog and on the Hadoop Summit site as well.

We could use IRC, Yahoo! Live, or other options. If you have an opinion, drop a note in the comments.

Thanks for all the interest! This is an exciting time for Hadoop.

Jeremy Zawodny
Yahoo! Developer Network