Doug Cutting Moving On

Today Doug Cutting announced that he is leaving Yahoo! to continue working on Apache Hadoop at Cloudera. We are sorry to see him leave, but expect him to continue working to make Hadoop great for our internal users and the larger Hadoop community. It has been a pleasure to work with Doug over the last few years. He has been instrumental in bringing Yahoo! to the Apache Hadoop community. We have learned a lot about working with the open source community from him.

One thing I wanted to make clear today is that Yahoo! continues to be very focused on improving Hadoop. We have by far the largest team of developers and testers working on the project and hundreds of internal customers who use tens of thousands of computers in large Hadoop clusters. We plan to continue to work on improving the Hadoop core to make it faster, more scalable, reliable and secure.

As the Hadoop community grows, it is exciting to see other companies commit themselves to working with us to improve Apache Hadoop. Our focus remains on delivering a massive batch computing service based on Hadoop to our internal customers. Since we see only some of the ways Hadoop can be used, we are excited to see Cloudera, Amazon, and other companies working to bringing Hadoop to other users. We see this as complimentary to the Yahoo! Hadoop development team's mission.

One of the great things about the Hadoop project has been the value we get from our alumni network. We look forward to continuing to work with Doug in his new role.

Eric Baldeschwieler
VP Hadoop Software Development @Yahoo!