Call for participation in the Hadoop Summit Research Track

Hadoop Summit is a great annual gathering of developers to talk about all things Hadoop. The attendance is great, we are expecting 2000 this year; the presentations are excellent; and the hallway conversations are a great way to meet new people and come up with new ideas.

This environment is especially great if you have a great idea that you would like to share with the community. You will have a great audience of knowledgeable developers that you can try to convince to help you to take your work to the next level. Doesn't it sound ... great!?!

Milind and I are organizing the research and application track. If you have built some new framework on top of Hadoop or made Hadoop better, let us know. We will be selecting the most interesting results for the research and application track.

General information for the Hadoop Summit is at You can submit an abstract for your presentation at

We are looking for presentations of new applications or improvements that have been implemented. We are not looking for position papers or visions. It is fine to submit a presentation that has been presented in other venues. If you are submitting something that has been published in a research conference, you may want to put an engineering perspective on it. This crowd looks behind the beautiful ideas and is going to want to see how/if it really works.

Hope to see you there!