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  • Topic-based updates: A YAP app

    We are happy to announce the launch of a topic-based Updates YAP app.

    This application features the following capabilities:

    • Slice and dice by keyword for updates from both within your Yahoo! Connections, everyone, and Facebook newsfeeds.
    • Provide consumption experience within the app. Unlike in Web-search where people typically get the relevant result and leave, social content is more about users’ persistent interests, where users repeatedly seek what is new in their topics of interest.
    • Discover and share topics from your social circle and/or everyone.
    • Display trending topics to show what is hot in the current hour, day, week, and month.

    The above capabilities are also available through YQL. Check out this YQL table for topic-based updates.

    We built this application as a way to showcase how users can benefit from the Firehose API to discover new information about their interests from the social space, breaking the boundary of social networks. The trending-topic algorithm attempts to

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