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  • Great Indian Developer Summit 2010

    Yahoo! is the Innovation Partner at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 (GIDS 2010) on April 20-23, 2010, at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. GIDS is where India's software-developer ecosystem gains exposure to and evaluates new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software, and standards.

    Yahoo! session

    Nishad Kamat, senior director of Engineering at Yahoo! Bangalore, is presenting a session on the Longevity of Scalable Systems on April 21 at 12:20 p.m. This session is an overview of how an engineer can prepare to build long-term scalable systems in fast-moving markets.

    Expo-Showcase booth

    Yahoo! will have its Expo-Showcase technical booth set up at the venue. We will be showcasing our technologies/products at the booth. It’s a great opportunity to interact with Yahoo’s industry experts and visit the many technical booths of other companies at the conference.

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