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  • Introducing the Python Developer Center

    We're launching the latest addition to the YDN site today: the Python Developer Center. YDN Developer Centers offer tutorials, links and resources to help you get the most out of YDN using your favourite programming language; PHP and JavaScript are already covered, and more languages are on the way.

    Python is a great language for exploring web services, thanks to its handy interactive prompt and extensive range of built-in libraries. If you're new to Python, we have collected some useful links to get you started. If you're already comfortable with the language you can dive straight in to the HOWTOs which discuss techniques for accessing the YDN APIs.

    We've also created a new Yahoo! Group: ydn-python. Join up and get help or discuss your favourite API tricks and techniques.

    Simon Willison

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  • Announcing a new, customizable Yahoo! Messenger! with SDK

    The Yahoo! Messenger with Voice team today launches a new version of Yahoo!
    Messenger with Voice
    which now let's developers build mini applications directly within the Yahoo! Messenger client! The new Plug-In framework and SDK means that developers can now build their own applications accessible within Yahoo! Messenger.

    Developers of all skill levels can get started fast with the SDK creating applications ranging from simple HTML to ActiveX controls providing greater functionality and interactivity. You can build projects for yourself, or take advantage of the new section of Yahoo! Gallery to feature your Plug-Ins.

    With the Yahoo! Plug-Ins Gallery, every Yahoo! Messenger user can check out your application - how cool is that? We can't see what you come up with and how much users love it.

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  • Yahoo! Maps? You Don? Have to Ask

    I? very happy to announce tonight that we have lifted many of the restrictions associated with the Yahoo! Maps APIs. Until today, the APIs were available only for non-commercial use unless you applied for an exception. The concept of commercial and non-commercial has gone away and exceptions are no longer necessary in most cases. We have given you explicit Usage Policies to help guide you.

    Whether on your business website, blog or personal site, you no longer have to ask for permission. Feel free to:

    • Build Mashups and use our Maps for personal or business use as long as the applications are free of charge and under the rate limit.
    • Link to Yahoo! Maps or Driving Directions to your heart? content.
    • Include advertising on the same page or site where you display Yahoo! Maps.

    There are still some Usage Policy so make sure to have a look at those.
    Finally, please make sure to register your application because we love to see all the exciting stuff you?e doing with our APIs. Should you ever

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  • More Sweetness from YUI and YPatterns

    You asked for more, and we listened. This is the second in ongoing releases
    for the incredibly popular Yahoo! User Interface and Yahoo!
    Design Patterns
    and we've made improvements and given you new goodies to play with. Check it

    • New YUI controls for desktop-like user interface elements including menus, modules, panels, dialogs
      and tooltips.
    • A new hugely-configurable AutoComplete control.
    • A passel of CSS libraries to help with cross-browser
      normalization, layout and design.
    • Over a dozen new patterns in the Design Pattern
      , including transitions and invitations.

    In addition, the library download itself has moved to Sourceforge. This lets Yahoo! UI
    library development team post patches and updates more frequently.

    See more details on the Yahoo! UI Library and Yahoo!
    Design Patterns
    pages or over on the Yahoo!
    User Interface Blog

    - Your cheery YDN announcementeer

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  • Announcing Release of Special Developers Edition of Yahoo! Widgets

    With the release of the Yahoo! Widgets Developer SDK for Windows, developers can download one handy bundle with all of the tools they need to get started building great Widgets. This kit includes a streamlined version of the Widget Engine 3.0 installer plus additional documentation, a handy creation script and a cool new tutorial.

    In the future this SDK will be your one-stop shop for future software updates and new developer resources to help you keep up to date with the latest advances in Widget technology. Pull it down today and take your Widget making to the next level, and keep an eye on the Widgets Workshop for new releases and updates.

  • Yahoo! Releases Web Services Returning Serialized PHP and PHP Developer Center

    Today we're launching our new PHP Developer Center and announcing that many of our web services now return serialized PHP. PHP developers will now be able to consume these web services even more easily than before.

    Yahoo!'s Search, Maps, and Travel REST web services now return serialized PHP by simply adding the output=php parameter to any web services request.

    For example, suppose you want to search for PHP-related podcasts and return the first five results using our Podcast Search service: V1/podcastSearchappid=YahooDemo&query=PHP& results=5&output=php

    The request above returns the results as serialized PHP. A simple PHP script can trivially parse the request using PHP's unserialize function which is built-in to all PHP4 and PHP5 implementations:

    $request=' AudioSearchService/V1/podcastSearch?appid=YahooDemo& query=PHP&results=5&output=php';

    $result = file_get_contents($request);

    $phparray =

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  • Search APIs and Maps Building Blocks APIs now support JSON

    We've added support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as an output format in all the Search and Maps Building Block APIs in addition to XML. New parameters enable you to get JSON output and to specify a callback function for easy processing inside JavaScript. The combination of JSON and JavaScript is exceptionally powerful as it makes you easy to use our web services data directly in your script without parsing. See the docs for each of the of the Search and Maps Building Blocks APIs or the Common JSON Documentation for more details.

  • JavaScript Developer Center

    JS is one of the most flexible languages available to create rich applications using web services, as well as the underlying language for creating Yahoo! Widgets and Yahoo! Music web plugins. We've created a central location where you can get links to our documentation, articles, tutorials, HOWTOs and other resources about using JavaScript with the Yahoo! Web Services and other Yahoo! APIs. Come join us in the JavaScript Developer Center!

  • New International Web Search Services

    Since we launched the Yahoo! Search Web Services, we're received a number of requests to use our various regional search engines. We're happy to announce that you can now use the Yahoo! Web Search API to access the regional search engines behind Yahoo! UK Search, Yahoo! France Search, Yahoo! Germany Search and all the other available country-specific engines. Now you can specify the actual search engine used in addition to the country code of the search results.

    To aim your search at a particular regional engine, simply pass in a region parameter (e.g. region=ca) to the Web Search API, and it will use the appropriate regional database.

    In addition, Yahoo! Japan has made a Web Search API available in Japanese. Note that the Japanese Search Web Services are provided and supported separately from our other international web services; visit the Yahoo! Japan Developer Network for more information.

    Finally, we've just launched Yahoo! Switzerland Search, and we'll have Swiss search

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  • Shedding light on the Yahoo! Maps APIs Terms of Use

    Yahoo! Maps Developers,

    I wanted to take a brief moment to clarify our terms of use for Yahoo! Maps, as many folks have contacted us asking whether they could use the APIs on their site.

    Our position has always been to allow usage of the Yahoo! Maps APIs free of charge for non-commercial use, as well as commercial use granted on a case-by-case basis. This is defined in our FAQ which also has instructions for how to contact us should you want to seek permission for commercial use.

    In general, if you are displaying mashups featuring Yahoo! Maps on your site or application and you make your stuff available for free to users, you?e welcome to use the Yahoo! Maps APIs. This is true even if your site is supported by ads -- even ads from other vendors.

    But while I've got you thinking about monetizing your site, allow me to make a shameless plug for something else we?e doing at Yahoo! -- take a look at the Yahoo Publisher Network BETA. Revenue, relevant ads, no hassle. Easy. Sign up today

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