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  • Hadoop Summit: The State of Hadoop

    Owen O'Malley, Eric Baldeschwieler, and Yahoo!'s Hadoop team talk about their work with Hadoop over the last year, including core capabilities and related sub-projects, deployment experiences, and future directions:

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  • Hadoop Summit: Welcome by Shelton Shugar

    Tune in to the first in a series of talks from Hadoop Summit '09, a conference focused on advancements made in the development and deployment of Apache Hadoop and related technologies. Watch Shelton Shugar, Yahoo's SVP Cloud Computing, as he kicks off the event with a welcome address:

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  • Notes from the NoSQL Meetup

    General Comments

    I attended the first NoSQL meetup in SF last Thursday and took some notes. This meeting was a presentation and discussion of distributed, non-relational database systems (DNRDBMS). Examples include Google's Bigtable, Amazon's Dynamo, and Yahoo!'s UDB and Sherpa. A couple of the systems presented were built on Hadoop's HDFS.

    This was an exciting meeting -- the vibe was great, everyone was supportive and interested. Lots of emphasis on architecture, features and technology, lots of smart people. I learned a ton. This writeup is basically a narrative of my impressions during the presentations. A more structured comparison of the projects would be interesting too. The focus was mainly, but not totally on open source implementations. I was very impressed by all of the people and projects presented.

    Please note that this written from my point of view as the product manager for Sherpa, Yahoo!'s internal cloud key-value store. Despite any real or perceived snark, I was very

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  • OAuth Update: New Streamlined User Experience, and Revision A

    Over the years, many developers have asked us to make our Auth UIs (the user interface for logging in and verifying user ID and password) less jarring and disruptive.

    Until today, all of our authorization services, including OAuth, OpenID, and BBAuth used a "redirect" UI, which required sites to redirect the user's browser over to Yahoo! to ask for the user's approval before sharing the user's data. Many developers found this user experience (UX) disruptive: Confronting a user with a Yahoo! login screen after being redirected from the developer's site does not provide context for the user to understand why they're being prompted for their password, nor does it give the user a clear way back to the originating site.

    Due to the very real risk of phishing scams, we tell our users to never enter their Yahoo! password on any web page other than the Yahoo! login screen, and we actively encourage our users to set up a personalized Sign-in Seal to help protect them from being phished.

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  • Introducing the Yahoo! open stack at symfony Live

    Last week I had the honor of presenting the Yahoo! Open Stack at symfony Live, the first symfony conference in Paris. Organized by Sensio Labs and AFUP, the conference assembled 180 professional developers from around the world at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

    symfonyLive 2009 in action

    Photo credit: Nicolas Perriault

    I attended two days of great talks about web application development using the symfony project. My talk was about building a platform with open source and open platforms offered by Yahoo!, and how developers can leverage Yahoo! offerings for their applications. All of the other talks are available on the symfony live website, with video soon to be released.

    Attendees got to see how Yahoo!'s user interface libraries (YUI), query language (YQL), and application platform (YAP) can help them build web applications and potentially gain millions of new users.

    Dustin Whittle
    Yahoo! Open Technology

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  • OAuth Update

    Note: Please check out OAuth Update #2 for the most recent status of OAuth on Yahoo!.

    As you may know, several Yahoo! APIs use OAuth, an open standard that lets users give a service permission to access the information they?ve stored with a third-party website without exposing their password and account information. The Yahoo! APIs that leverage OAuth include our Y!OS Social Directory, Contacts, Status, and Updates APIs, as well as Fire Eagle.

    Recently, the folks at OAuth let us know about a potential security issue within the protocol. At Yahoo! we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously, and so for the time being we?ve disabled the ability for users to authorize new applications via OAuth. Applications that have already been authorized will not be affected.

    We recognize the impact this has on you as developers and appreciate your patience. We?re continuing to evaluate the best way to move forward and are actively working with the OAuth community to resolve the

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  • Apachecon EU 2009: Amsterdam and the Cloud

    And no, we're not referring just to the cloudy weather in the Netherlands, nor to the aftermath of a night on the town in Amsterdam. From March 23-27, Amsterdam was host to this year?s ApacheCon EU, the Apache Software Foundation conference where ASF Members and committers, innovators, developers, vendors, and users get together to discuss about the future of Open Source development and the various Apache projects.

    It was a really packed week with top-level talks from the representatives of different ASF projects. The topics ranged from use cases for the Apache license as business model, to deep-dive technical talks on Apache Solr or Map-Reduce optimizations in Hadoop. And speaking of Hadoop -- Yahoo! was well-represented as a main contributor, and alongside our colleagues from Cloudera in the ?Big Data? track.

    Yahoo Hadoop team at Apachecon EU

    This conference also marked the 10 year anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation (you can read the whole story on their website). Lars Eilebrecht (Apache Foundation

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  • UX Heavies Gather in London this June

    uxl-250x250-2.pngThe same guys who brought you the awesome dConstruct event last September are at it again this June 15-17, with a conference designed by and for user experience professionals.

    As I told Whitney Hess recently, I believe user experience, taken broadly, is everyone's business. Look at the track record of the folks organizing UX London: both personally, and professionally, the Clearleft crew are good eggs and well rounded, hybrid-type, designer-engineers. Add in the calibre (note UK-friendly spelling) of the speakers, and it's clear to me that these people get it in a big way. Look at their beautiful site, with its clean url structure, strong visual design, and smooth third-party integrations: Dopplr, Upcoming, Twitter, Flickr.

    The lineup is amazing:

    • Eric Reiss, "the Lion of IA," principal of FatDUX, champion of the Euro IA Summit, an always entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, on customer service and copywriting
    • Our own LukeW on the redesign of, the world's most accessed
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  • Hack Day Brazil

    Most of us at the YDN couldn't make it to Sao Paolo for Brazil's recent Hack day, but with this video, we're able to spend a few tasty minutes catching the spirit and creative energy of Brazil Hack Day 2008. Props to Ryan Texeira and team for taking Hack to the southern hemisphere and to all the participants who made it rock.

  • Yahoo!’s Ricardo Varela at WebCamp in Romania

    Romania just had its first Yahoo! developer invited to speak at an event, at WebCamp: Connected Life's Ricardo Varela went to Bucharest last week, on Wednesday, to tell Romanian developers what Yahoo! does related to Mobile products.

    Webcamp photos
    Photo credit Bobby Voicu

    Though we thought it might be a little bit early, since Romania's Internet mobile market is not that developed, the interest was quite high, Ricardo getting lots of questions after the event, talking to people interested (including Mihai Dragan, the manager of mobione, the company that created Yahoo! Maps for iPhone and iPod Touch). Maybe the best feedback I had was from a developer that said to me: "You know, I am not interested in mobile, but after Ricardo presentation, I will go and take a look, because it looks really interesting now".

    The venue was also interesting, since the event took place in a night club, we also had some foosball tables (Ricardo is a good player, btw) and had free pizzas :D Everything was great, including

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