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  • Flickr Announces Geofencing

    In the privacy of our homes
    The best thing about working at Flickr is that my coworkers all love the site and product ideas can come from anyone.

    Recently, the Flickr staff had to work from home while our office was disassembled and relocated a few floors down. A chance to sleep in and start the weekend early? Or get together with a few ambitious coworkers and hack together a new feature?

    We met at Nolan's house, ate a farmer's breakfast, and brainstormed.

    Geofences 1

    We wanted to build something fun, which a few of us could start working on that morning and have a demo ready by the end of the day. Something suited to the talents and interests of the people in the room. Secret Faves? Risqué Explore?

    Bert wanted to help people geotag more photos, but he wanted more sophisticated privacy controls first. I’d been using a simple web app that I built with the Flickr API to manage the geo privacy of my photos, and it seemed like something more people should have access to.

    So we had a need. We had a

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