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  • Web Science Research Initiative

    Last week I attended the Web Science Research Initiative's meeting in London with Peter Mika from Yahoo! Research Barcelona. Hosted by IBM on behalf of the WSRI a number of guests were invited to explore the concept of "Web Science". Web Science is the study of the Web, both the human and computing aspects. By studying how the Web is used now it is hoped that we can use the knowledge to improve it in the future.

    The meeting was eclectic with people from industry and universities in a diverse range of fields. Zoologists and sociologists were mixing it up with the computer scientists. I know I had a lot of interesting, if strange, conversations.

    Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the web, presented the keynote. He tracked the progression of the Web from a tool which has helped humans find information to a powerful data network. He was keen to emphasise that human interaction remains at the core of the success of the Web. It will take a diverse range of skills to understand everything that is

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