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  • Moving to the Cloud

    There's a paradigm shift going on in the industry about how we deal with
    computing infrastructure. Services such as Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, and various other cloud infrastructure providers are changing the
    way that companies think about writing, hosting, and deploying web
    applications. At Yahoo!, we're also getting on the cloud. Our deep involvement with Hadoop is the best-known example, and we are building out other internal cloud services focused on storage and deployment. The cloud model enables Yahoo! properties and services to scale effortlessly and focus on what their audience wants, rather than on how to manage the data.

    Data at Yahoo! scale

    I'm the product manager for Sherpa, our cloud key-value store. We just released a new
    version to Yahoo! properties and I wanted to let the developer community know about it because it's cool technology, and represents the hard work of some very talented people. While there are a lot of key-value stores out there, we Read More »from Moving to the Cloud