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  • Yahoo! India wins 2010 Universal Design Awards

    Yahoo! India Research & Development has been making great progress in the field of accessibility. In one of my earlier blog posts, I mentioned some of the initiatives that were undertaken by the Yahoo! Bangalore office. The successful collaboration between product, engineering, and quality teams to make the Yahoo! properties more usable to the widest audience possible is seeing signs of success over the past year.

    In recognition of these efforts, the National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), in association with AccessAbility and BarrierBreak Technologies, has awarded the NCPEDP - Mphasis Universal Design Company Award to Yahoo! India R&D! for the year 2010. This award was given to Yahoo! India in the category of companies or organizations who have taken up the cause of accessibility and universal design.

    As mentioned on their website, Universal Design benefits every human being to some degree at some point of time. Universal Design has attained major

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  • Techshare India: Accessibility is more than a checklist item

    Yahoo! has been doing some fine work towards setting best practices around accessibility and making Yahoo! properties more usable to everyone. I want to focus on some of the initiatives Yahoo! Bangalore has taken over the last couple of years, which we described at the recent Techshare India 2010 conference in New Delhi.

    Web developers in Yahoo! Bangalore conscientiously stay up-to-date with standards and technologies in accessibility. One example of the results from such efforts was when we relaunched Yahoo! Mail classic, with tons of great usability features.

    Initially, a couple of us were actively involved in doing code reviews and usability reviews. Today, the group is much larger and is passionately backed up by the User Engagement group. This group, along with a few more engineers from various teams, have been doing a lot of evangelism to promote good user experiences. Victor Tsaran from the Yahoo! Sunnyvale office also has been of great help for providing the resources and

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  • Report from Hack U IISc Bangalore (January 2010)

    The Bangalore Hack U team held 4 successful hack day events in engineering colleges across India and it was time to bring Hack U to post graduate and PhD students. And what better place to start than IISc Bangalore. Yahoo! Bangalore Labs has been doing some great research work. In many internal hack days, some really cool demos have come out of the Research teams. So the focus of IISc Hack U was to encourage hardcore research students to think about a problem and solve it in 24 hours. The Hack day started on 25th Jan 2010 and ended on 26th Jan 2010. Since the focus was more on research topics, the Yahoo! Hack U team to IISc was beefed up with research engineers/scientists from the Yahoo! Bangalore Labs team who delivered talks on some of the work they have been doing. As a bonus, we had Malcolm Slaney, a senior research scientist visiting us from Yahoo! headquarters who was more than willing to participate in the event.

    After a welcome by Jamie and Chelliah, the intro session was

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