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  • TCP Traffic Analyzer

    You probably have questions like these about traffic on a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) server (or client):

    • How many connections lasted more (or less) than X milliseconds?
    • How many connections needed more than N attempts to succeed?
    • What is the distribution of connection duration or connection throughput?
    • What is the distribution of connection duration or throughput for connections in which the server or client sent more than N bytes?
    • What specific IP addresses and ports had connections that lasted between 50 and 100 milliseconds long?

    You can get answers to these questions (and more) using Yahoo!'s TCP Traffic Analyzer (yconalyzer), available as an open-source project via free download.

    At Yahoo! we use yconalyzer to analyze traffic coming into our servers from all over the world via HTTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP. We use yconalyzer to gather information as a TCP client when our internal servers connect to other back-end servers, and get information that is eventually used in

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