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  • Barcamp Brighton 2

    This weekend, BarCamp Brighton 2 took place at the University of Sussex in England. I attended, along with a bunch of the other Yahoos from the London office.

    For those of you not in the know about BarCamps, they're fantastic little "unconferences" that cost nothing to attend and are put together by the goodwill of a few organisers and the sponsors they rope in to provide a venue, food, and drink. No talks are scheduled in advance, but everyone who attends is expected to be prepared to give a half hour talk on something dear to their heart. Thankfully this isn't as scary as it sounds at first.

    As normal at these events, the talks ranged from the highly technical to the sublimely silly. There were sessions about setting up OpenID on your website (both consumer and producer were covered in separate talks), several talks about hacking the Arduino, a whole raft of talks about Second Life and a couple about Social Networks. There was even a Cheese and Wine tasting session, and session

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  • Social Innovation Camp and Brighton Barcamp

    For all UK-based readers, I wanted to let you know about a couple of cool events coming up.

    First up, there's a repeat of last year's awesome Brighton Barcamp, on the weekend of 15-16 March.

    In addition to the usual BarCamp talks and presentations they'll be playing a game of locomatrix, holding a Hack for The Open Rights Group and probably playing a game of werewolf or two... All that and a trip to the seaside.

    Tickets will be available from Monday 18th Feb at 12.30pm (GMT)
    at Last year tickets went in 20 minutes so set your watches :-)

    YDN are one of the sponsors of the event so look forward to seeing you there.

    And a couple of weeks later... What happens when you get a bunch of hackers and social innovators together, give them a set of social problems and only 48 hours to solve them?

    Social Innovation Camp is going to find out.

    In London on the weekend of 4th-6th April 2008, Social Innovation Camp will bring together some of the

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  • YUI’s 2nd Birthday!

    YUI Library and YPattern Library turn 2 on February 26th. So we're having a party - or 2 to be exact.....

    We start the fun in London and then the Sunnyvale folks will be taking up the mantle in their evening.

    Beer and cakes and the scoop on everyone's favourite libraries are promised. And you can't have a birthday party without a cool going-home present.

    Places are tight at both so come and sign up via Upcoming for London or Sunnyvale

    Hope to see you there

    Sophie Major, YDN Europe


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