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  • Announcing the Yahoo! Brasil Open Hack Day 2010, 20-21 March

    Brasilian developers, start your engines! It’s time again to show off your developer skills at our second Yahoo! Open Hack Day held in São Paulo, Brasil on 20 and 21 March 2010.

    This event is the Brasilian version of the already traditional Yahoo! Open Hack Day held in Sunnyvale Campus and other editions in London, Bangalore, New York, and Djakarta. The last Open Hack Brasil in November 2008 was a huge success, with approximately 200 attendees and lots of very cool hacks!

    Open Hack Brasil 2008

    It will be 24 hours non-stop of hacking, learning, fun and the chance to meet fellow hackers from around the region. Yes, 24 hours. But don't worry, we will have food, beverages, and everything you will need to be comfortable, happy and unleash your creativity! There will also be sleeping areas in case you want to take a nap.

    In our last Hack Day in Sao Paolo, we had amazing hacks, from mobile applications to hardware hacks. For instance, the winners of the "What the Hack" category used Python, Flickr, Twitter, and

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  • Yahoo! India invites you to join the first India Hadoop Summit

    On Feb 28, 2010, Yahoo! India will taking part in the country's first Hadoop Summit, in Bangalore.

    This day-long event will be co-hosted with CloudCamp Bangalore 2010. Hadoop will be a dedicated track in this session.

    At this event, you'll hear participants from the Yahoo! India Hadoop team, industry experts, and major universities. The event brings together leaders from the Hadoop developer and user communities.

    Speakers will cover a rich variety of topics including the current state of Hadoop development and deployment, Pig, performance optimization of Hadoop Cluster, testing in Hadoop, real-world case studies and Hadoop in academic research.

    We'd love it if you could join us. You can find more information, see the schedule, and register at:

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  • London-based accessibility evangelist Artur Ortega will speak at the Joint WIPO-ITU accessibility Workshop in Geneva on Tuesday, 2nd February to promote awareness of disability and accessibility. He will be available throughout the workshop to share his expertise with web developers within the United Nations system and other international organizations in Geneva to implement accessibility in their daily work.

    Artur Ortega was invited by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) workshop organizers. The workshop is a joint effort with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at the WIPO Headquarters for staff of the United Nations system and other International Organizations. You can view the program for the four days of the accessibility workshop here.


    The background for this workshop is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities,

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  • Open Hack comes to Southeast Asia

    Open Hack events have become something of a phenomenon, with ten events under our Yahoo! belt so far. From London, to Taipei, Bangalore to Sao Paulo and of course the recent event in New York City. We are very excited to announce that for the first time, Open Hack is coming to Southeast Asia (SEA), to the city of Jakarta in Indonesia. The event will take place from over the weekend of the 21-22 November 2009.

    We are opening up this event to developers across the whole region. We are also currently running developer competitions in The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore to identify top developers who we will fly to the Jakarta event. If you are in one of those countries, visit our competition website to find out more about the competition near you.

    We are planning on some great talks on the first day around our newest technologies, including YQL, Yahoo! Application Platform, Blueprint and our Geo Technologies. Then it’s down to some serious hacking so you can show us what you

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  • The Future of Web Apps? Bad Wifi, Booth Mobbing, Geo and Lots of Schwag

    You're stuck in a room on the first floor of a venue with no natural light, people keep expressing surprise that you're there, there's a bizarre voucher system operating for getting a cup of coffee and the free public wifi is holding up far better than the venue's net connectivity which is buckling under the strain of multiple laptops, iPhones and Androids.

    It can only be a tech conference; this one is in London and it's called FOWA, or the Future of Web Applications to give it its full name and it was held in the rather grand sounding Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall, near High Street Kensington tube station.

    There's a booth with some strangely comfortable sofas and chairs, a purple orchid, loads of purple swag, "geoballs" and a free wifi point called yahooligans. Sitting cozily between the PayPal and Vodaphone booths, this has been the home of the Yahoo! Developer Network and Yahoo! Geo Technologies teams for the last 48 hours.

    I presented on both days as part of the University

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  • YDN OverTheAir09: Mobile platforms, widgets and Daleks

    This past weekend YDN attended the 2009 edition of OverTheAir, the mobile meetup which took place in Imperial College, London. It was two days of incredible fun, good presentations and interesting hacks (including a colourful attempt to recreate Dr Who's Holodeck).

    The whole event was full of good happenings, from the threatening presence of a full-size Dalek guarding the beanbag area to the superinteresting Teen's Dragons Den session, where several teenagers judged if they would invest in the different mobile companies some of our mobile entrepreneurs were presenting.

    Photo credit: Matt Cashmore

    We had the opportunity to attend several talks, around such hot topics as mobile accessibility, augmented reality, widgets from different platforms, and how to properly design mobile applications.

    From YDN we also contributed talks on Blueprint for Mobile sites and how to use Yahoo APIs to add more value to your mobile application. The slides are published in slideshare at

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  • We’re back in Paris for Paris-Web and a YAP Workshop

    It's time for the YDN International team to head back to Paris. We were last there in April, talking about Fuel for a great web experience.

    This time, we are focusing on the Yahoo! Application Platform or "YAP."

    The Yahoo! Application Platform allows you to reach Yahoo's users and improve the Yahoo! user experience by building applications for Yahoo! pages, such as the Yahoo! homepage.

    This event will be a technical workshop led by Yahoo! developer evangelist and Paris favourite Christian Heilmann.

    It will give an overview of the technology, including some examples of applications that have already been developed, followed by a deep dive into the YAP platform.

    After some refreshments, there will also be an opportunity to get "hands-on" with YAP, as Yahoo! engineers step you through creating a sample application.

    The event will be held at La Cantine on Wednesday 7th October, starting at 7:30pm and will be held in English.

    Christian is staying on in Paris to speak at web development

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  • And now for a piece of Mobile: OverTheAir 2009

    OverTheAir is back in London this year for yet more free, hands-on, community friendly mobile goodness.

    After the total success of last year’s edition, the organizers are back with a new agenda, but the same good old proposal of 24 hours of mobile development. The event includes different workshops and talks, intertwined with a programming competition and the possibility to stay overnight, coding away or taking the occasional cat nap on your beanbag.

    The event is taking place at Imperial College London, on the 25th and 26th of September. We at Yahoo! Developer Network are of course going to be there, giving a couple of talks and offering a special prize for the best Yahoo hack (details to be announced in the event) So if you are curious about what Yahoo is doing in the mobile space, please drop by! And don’t forget to say hi if you see us around!

    There are still some places left, so you can check the info and register for OverTheAir at

    Ricardo Varela

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  • BarCamp Brighton 4

    On September 5 and 6, Brighton (UK)’s Old Music Library played host to BarCamp Brighton 4.
    As a veteran BarCamper, I was expecting to be greeted by the typical BarCamp
    fare: a collection of developers, designers, and other web-savvy types banding
    together to share interests and generally learn from one another.

    (Photo by Anthony Hicks)

    From the moment I spotted the venue, I knew this BarCamp would be different: a
    run-down former music library (as the name suggests) that now serves as a
    gallery for contemporary art. Tiny driftwood robots littered the building, a
    giant arm reaching down from the roof to rip up the banister at the top of
    the stairs, and even a storage room that looked like someone had a nervous
    breakdown inside: this was far from your average BarCamp venue.

    It was nice to see, then, that the speakers were equally diverse: about a third of
    the attendees were new to BarCamping (so spending time with friends old and
    new abounded), and the sessions ranged from the highly

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  • Notes from the first ever community HackDay in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Last weekend, on September 5-6, the first ever HackDay was held in Russia, in St Petersburg.

    Yahoo! Yury Lifshits went along. Yury is a Research Scientist for Yahoo! based in California. St Petersburg is his hometown, and he was part of the group that organised this community event. Yahoo! sponsored pizza for the participants.

    Russian hackers

    Photo credit Leonid Reshetnikov

    Around 150 people attended - ranging from developers to project managers to investors. Participants travelled from Moscow, Helsinki, and Ukraine.

    There were 12 tutorials offered during the event: Android, Silverlight, IE8, Yandex Maps API, VKontakte API, Git, Amazon Elastic Cloud, Maemo, Grails, Ruby on Rails, iPhone, and Linguistics software.

    Eleven prototypes were presented at the end of the event, including classified ads on ATMs, VKontakte app for Android (VKontakte is a popular social network service in the region), train schedules on iPhone, a fashion video/photo/link aggregator, a linguistic analyzer for blogs, an OpenID

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