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  • YQL – The Swiss army knife of web services

    Sebastian Spier is a software engineer for Meltwater Group. At work he spends a lot of time designing and analyzing APIs. Since 2010 he is actively contributing to the YQL Open Data Tables. He blogs at

    YQL is the Swiss Army Knife of Web ServicesYQL is the Swiss Army Knife of Web ServicesPhoto by Jinho.Jung

    The Yahoo Query Language (YQL) has been around since October 2008, and since then received a lot of positive coverage from inside and outside of Yahoo. While there are a couple of obvious purposes for which YQL can be used, there are others that are a bit more subtle.

    This article assumes that you already know what YQL is and how to use it. (If not, the YQL Guide is a great start). Instead we focus on the areas in which YQL shines, although the technology might not always have been meant to be used for these purposes.

    Less common YQL use cases

    1. Data Format Conversion
    2. Out of the box, YQL offers two data formats for each API that you interact with: XML and JSON. It does not matter if the host API really offers both formats, YQL will just do the conversion for

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