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  • Monkey finds Microformats

    EDIT: This is obsolete. See the Updated post

    Have you ever wondered which pages on the internet have hCard on them? Or hAtom? hReview? XFN? Well, now that Yahoo! Search is indexing all of these formats, you can easily search the web for them.

    Just do a search for:

    We sort the output for relevance too, so you can add in query terms as well. If you want to find a SearchMonkey meeting advertising in hcalendar format: SearchMonkey

    Enjoy the Monkey.

    Paul Tarjan
    (|): Chief Technical Monkey :(|)

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  • RDF and the Monkey

    Besides the existing support for microformats, we have already shared our plans for supporting other standards for embedding metadata into HTML. Today we are announcing the availability of eRDF metadata for SearchMonkey applications, which will soon be followed by support for RDFa. SearchMonkey applications can make direct use of the eRDF data by choosing the data source, while RDFa data will appear under Nothing changes in the way applications are created: as SearchMonkey applications have already been built on a triple-based model, the same applications can work on both microformat, eRDF or RDFa data.

    Content publishers, however, will now have an even wider array of choice for providing metadata inside HTML. Therefore it is worthwhile to briefly summarize the key differences between microformats, eRDF and RDFa and the possible migration paths across these approaches:

    • Microformats allow publishers to provide metadata about a fixed set of types.
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  • We Monkeyed with hCard

    Just a quick note for everyone that is using any extracted hCard. The way we store hCard changed. This was done to more faithful to the vcard-in-rdf specification and also adds support for vcard:adr and organization name.


    We are going to have about 10 minutes of downtime tonight (around 10pm PST) while we do a string replace on the database for those fields. If you were doing any fancy things that wouldn't be caught by a simple string replace from OLD to NEW, then please update your code accordingly (and republish to the gallery if needed).

    Paul Tarjan
    (|): Chief Technical Monkey :(|)

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  • Getting Your Apps into the SearchMonkey Gallery

    Ever since the SearchMonkey Gallery went live, we have been reviewing tons of app submissions from our developer community late into the night. We’re trying to discover apps that are creative, useful, fun and engaging so that we can proudly showcase them to the rest of the world. For those who have submitted their apps to the gallery, thank you for your contributions and we’re excited to have you participate! If you have developed an app but did not submit it to the gallery, please consider sending it over so that the rest of the Yahoo! community can benefit from your creation.

    For developers who want to get their apps into the gallery, below is a list of things we consider when reviewing your submissions.

    • Is the app abusive? Inappropriate text, images and links are not allowed.
    • Is the app properly described? Make sure that your app title and description are properly entered as these fields are displayed in the gallery. The title/description should actually correspond to what the app
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  • Monkey Evolution

    It's been a week since the SearchMonkey Launch Party (which, by the way, was a TON of fun), but we've still been slaving in the jungles for you.

    There is another SearchMonkey release going out RIGHT NOW with many neat new features. In no specific order:

    • You can submit to the SearchMonkey Challenge at the same time that you make your app sharable.
    • The Gallery is live and starting to get some applications :). Check it out and submit your apps for inclusion. If your app was accepted -- congratulations! Your app is now available to millions of Yahoo! users to enhance their search experience!
    • Sharing of apps is getting closer. The gallery page for your plugins will now render properly but won't show anything of use... YET. When you publish your app, you will get a link that you can send your friends and family, post on your website, emblazon on the side of your car, or tattoo on your forehead. From that link, anyone with a Yahoo! account will be able to add your app to their profile,
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  • Great article on writing SearchMonkey applications

    Check out this informative article on writing applications on the SearchMonkey platform at SearchEngineLand - a must read!.

    Done? Now write your own application!


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