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  • Fantasy Sports APIs and YQL tables

    Fantasy Sports logoFantasy sports have come a long way from their start among newspaper box scores and back-of-envelope calculations. Instead of having to manually grind through pages of data to compile results, fantasy sports addicts can offload all of that work to online applications and simplify just about every phase of the process — from getting your group of friends together, to finding out who takes home the trophy at the end of the season.

    Here at Yahoo!, we run one of the biggest such applications on the Web, letting millions of sports fans focus on what really matters: playing and winning.

    The thing is, “playing and winning” eventually still distills down to finding the right data. Everyone has their own algorithms, heuristics, and black magic for deciding who to start, who to pick up, or who to trade for. Maybe it’s based on percent ownership, maybe it’s based on last week’s stats, maybe it’s whoever has more facial hair in their headshot — if there’s a silver bullet for succeeding at Fantasy

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