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  • YUI for Cocktails

    From its inception, YUI has been architected to be extremely modular and environment-agnostic, which makes it particularly well suited to serve as a foundation for Yahoo!'s Mojito, a part of the Cocktails project for the following reasons:

    1. YUI’s core abstraction layer provides a consistent API across all supported environments allowing Cocktails, and hence Livestand to deliver components which can run on both the server and in client browsers across both the desktop and mobile devices.

    2. YUI’s modular structure and dynamic loading support allow for well-encapsulated and highly granular components, promoting a high level of code reuse and maintainability for large-scale Cocktail applications, without burdening the end user with dependency management.

    3. Conditional loading allows YUI, and applications built on top of it, to deliver implementations and code specific to the target environment – so Cocktails can deliver mobile or desktop or server based implementations behind a

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