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  • Sherpa grows and scales in 2011

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    • Update on Traffic and Footprint
    • Selective Record Replication
    • Backup/Restore
    • Task Manager
    • Storage Engines
    • Dynamic Load Balancing
    • Reliable Messaging
    • Futures

    Update on Traffic and Footprint

    Sherpa was designed to serve as a massively scalable and elastic storage for structured data.

    As such, Sherpa's adoption has grown dramatically at Yahoo! in the last two years.

    Sherpa serves 100s of customer applications, having 500+ Sherpa tables and more than 50,000 Sherpa tablets(shards) in operation. A pipeline of about 50 applications in various pre-deployment stages indicate that Sherpa will be hosting even a larger set of applications within the next few months.

    Currently, there are thousands of Sherpa servers installed in more than a dozen data centers around the world. More than one half of these data centers are outside the US. It is common for regional data centers to host hundreds of Sherpa servers. However, some regional data centers can have as few asRead More »from Sherpa grows and scales in 2011