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  • A simple hack to geoplace images

    I really enjoy reading Shorpy, a website that features images scanned from the American National Archive. It's an interesting, candid insight into American history and offers some great amateur photographs of scenes that wouldn't normally be featured in the history books.

    Shorpy website

    Sadly, however, my knowledge of American geography is terrible, so being able to put a place to a photograph geographically by description alone wasn't easy.

    So, using YQL, a little Javascript, and some HTML, I made a site that would solve this problem for me.

    The site uses YQL's ability to both read RSS feeds and — using a description of each photograph — discern any places mentioned. Since Shorpy uses a fairly standard format for describing each photograph it posts, I knew I had a good chance of coming up with a decent location for each.

    First I needed to retrieve the description for each item in the RSS feed. The YQL query for this is simple: "SELECT description from rss where

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