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  • YDN’s 2012 Year End Review for Developers

    As 2012 winds to a close, many of your favorite blogs and news sites are penning their year end recaps. Not to be undone, we're doing the same, with a decided tech focus. While they may be focusing on the end of the world, Syria, mass shootings, the London Olympics, the 2012 US Presidential election, KONY 2012 and the death of Twinkies, we'll focus on tech events that may be interesting to our audience, developers.

    Hack Across the Globe

    Yahoo developer evangelists have been busy this year, putting on hack events designed to spur innovation and support local developer ecosystems. Here are a few of the events YDN and other Yahoo engineering teams have been a part of in 2012.

    Hadoop Summit 2012
    San Jose, CA USA
    June 12-13, 2012

    Hack the Change
    Pennsylvania, PA USA
    March 16-18, 2012

    HackU @ IIT Kharagpur
    Kharagpur India
    March 22-25, 2012

    HackU @ IIT Madras
    March 29 - April 1, 2012
    Chennai India

    Yahoo! Connected TV Developer Event - Mobile and TV
    May 24, 2012
    Sunnyvale, CA USA

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  • YUI Conf Sessions – Feedback Wanted!

    The YUI team has put together an excellent list of technical sessions for YUI Conf. These sessions are designed with your needs in mind, so we need your help.Register now for YUI ConfYUI Conf

    In order to make sure we make time for the ones that are the most relevant and interesting to you, we're asking for your help.

    Please take the session survey as soon as possible.

    If you haven't already registered for YUI Conf, there's still time to snag the early bird discount. Register by October 31 and save $25.

  • The Yahoo! Merchant Summit: Back to the basics of online marketing

    Yahoo! Merchant Summit logo

    When you live in Silicon Valley, you occasionally forget that there is a world out there, outside of your own technology bubble. The ‘social media gurus’ of the world spend most of the day sharing the same news over and over, and the cacophony of chatter is often monotonous and vanilla.

    Unfortunately, while we argue over and over about how to measure engagement and how important the RT is, we sometimes forget the basics. All of the measurement in the world is worthless, if you aren’t measuring how to build, grow, and monetize your business.

    Last week, I spoke on a panel on Social and Online Marketing at the Yahoo! Merchant Summit in Chicago. First, I was blown away by how savvy the audience was, especially on the basics. Unlike the traditional conference, where academics and superstar(t)s pontificate on Big Ideas, this conference was all practical strategy and execution.

    I mean, I’ve been in the Valley for 3 years now, and this is probably the first time in those years, that I’ve

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  • Communities 2.0: Join an existing community or build your own?

    On Monday, I spoke at Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies in Boston. The conference is "for business managers seeking real-life stories of how to leverage social media for real results," so it is of a strategic rather than technical bent.

    My talk, “Why Build When You Can Join! Developer Communities: Who? Where? How?”, was part of the Primer track, "joining the Conversation." It included talks from CurrentTV, CareerBuilder, BestBuy, and others.

    One of my favorite presentations, from ex-Yahoo! Mario Anima, focused on how Current TV brings their viewers into the club, so to speak. Current TV allows them to really interact with the talent and turns fans into community members.

    The Primer track was intended to bring folks who are not social-savvy up-to-speed on the current trends in social media. However, I found the the bulk of the attendees of this track were actually more knowledgeable than I expected, and was glad that my talk wasn’t a basic introduction to social media — they

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  • New Yahoo! Policy – All Doors are Open

    Nerds love April Fools' Day pranks, and we're no exception here at the YDN. Mad props to Yahoo! Developer Network community manager Robyn Tippins for scripting, producing, directing, and making this happen.

    But, fooling aside, here at Yahoo! we are committed to an open strategy and to cloud computing for research and for technology infrastructure. In fact, if you want to learn more about Yahoo!'s real leadership in cloud technologies, you'll be interested in the upcoming Hadoop Summit. It takes place in Santa Clara, CA, on June 29, and you can register now>.

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  • JellyTalk: Gary Vaynerchuk

    Get ready for another great JellyTalk, this time with wine aficionado and best-selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk. He'll give us insight on personal branding, consumer branding, and business equity. Gary is an expert on using social media to reach and engage his audience, and he'll share his strategies that you can use in your own business. Bring your questions and get ready to come away with some real social knowledge!

    When: March 19 at 2:30pm EST
    Where: JellyTalks

    As always, the hashtag is #jellytalks. Hope to see you there!

    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager, YDN

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  • YDN supports Code Generation 2010

    Code Generation 2010. June 16 – 18. Cambridge, UK.

    If you're interested in Model-Driven Software Development and Code Generation, and you're in the UK, you should check out Code Generation 2010. Now in its 4th year, the conference attracts participants from around the world for a once-a-year gathering focusing on what is possible now with model-driven development and code generation.

    The event has a strong practical focus on applying model-driven software development methods to improve productivity, quality and time-to-market while reducing the cost of development. Keynote speakers this year are industry experts (pragmatic) Dave Thomas and Eelco Visser (Delft University of Technology). Expect 30+ tutorials, case studies, hands-on and panel sessions on all aspects of model-driven software development, and a wide range of respected speakers.

    To see the full agenda, or to register, visit Registrations made before 31st March qualify for an early-bird discount of up to

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  • Dev Spotlight: Nestoria

    We recently sat down with with Ed Freyfogle and Alistair Frances of Nestoria, a London-based vertical search site focused on real estate. Nestoria (“the easiest way to find UK property”) created the winning app for the UK Yahoo! Application Platform competition.

    Nestoria is currently running as a featured app on the Yahoo! UK homepage, and they are planning to roll out versions for Spain, Germany and Italy in early March. Ed talked about what it means to be seen by an audience of tens of millions of Yahoo! UK users, and Alistair talked about what they did to speed up development, and about the fundamental shift from websites to web apps that’s happening today, in Europe and around the world.

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  • Giving Technology to the World: Advocating, Showcasing and Explaining

    "Complacency is the enemy of innovation and communication."

    Christian Heilmann, @codepo8

    Chris Heilmann, YDN evangelist, hacker, and global road warrior, raises the bar for advocacy and talks about some of the basic principles of tech evangelism on the open web.

    In this recent internal talk for Yahoo! engineers who work on open platforms, Chris blasts some common assumptions and makes some strong recommendations about how to present technology to a technical audience. For starters, show how your product saves time or solves a problem for people who work on the web -- developers, designers, hackers of all ages.

    If you don't have time to watch, check out Chris's presentation on Slideshare.

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  • 2010 starts off with University Hack Day in Hyderabad

    Happy new year to all Hackers! Yahoo!'s University Hack Day program kickstarted the new year in India, with a grand event at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT H). This institute is well known for its strong industry focus. Yahoo! Bangalore has been in touch with the professors and students from IIIT H for various research projects. Rajeev Rastogi and Prabhakar Raghavan had visited the campus and were impressed with the faculty and students alike. Muthusamy Chelliah, head of Academic relations at Yahoo! Bangalore, emphasized the interest levels in the college and how eager the students were to learn more about hacking. The nine-member Yahoo! hack day crew landed up in Hyderabad on 22nd January morning. The Yahoo! team was greeted with a huge cheer--we were overwhelmed by the student turnout.

    It was an honor to have Maj.Gen.Dr.R.K.Bagga for the event kick off. He spoke about how today's society, leadership and the media are becoming more internet

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