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  • Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!


    The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over 250 developers from more than 20 states fought it out in the 24-hour Hackathon. ·The theme of this year’s hack event was around Mobile and Personalization. Most of the Hacks submitted used geo location, photos, sentiment analysis and SMS.

    The hackers downed over 1500 cups of coffee and tea, and 350 cans of Red Bull! And they needed that fuel, as only a scant 5 percent slept through the night. From the amazing food to the perfect venue, Hack India: Hyderabad was a hit! See all the great pics from the event on YDN’s Flickr stream.

    Congratulations to all the hackers, especially the ones who took home the prizes. See all the hacks here.

    Grand prize winner



    By Varunkumar Nagarajan, Arunkumar Nagarajan, Raghu Ram, Amit Bharti

    PlanMan is a mobile app that lets you do workflow management through SMS and missed calls. It takes inputs

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  • An Update from Hack India: Hyderabad


    Hack India: Hyderabad is going strong! This hack is shaping up to be one of our most formidable, mirroring our current internal focus: collaboration, innovation and creating great products with speed.

    With roughly 2 million developers, India has one of the largest developer presences across the globe. For that reason, and because of the enormous demand for our developer events across the region, we decided to add an additional city to our annual Bangalore event. Hyderabad is second only to Bangalore when it comes to developer concentration, so it was a natural choice when we decided to expand our India hack program.


    Yahoo!'s external hack events in India have long been our most heavily attended. We received more than 4,000 applications for the 2012 Bangalore event alone! In anticipation of the usual enormous interest, we introduced a coding challenge for the first time this year as a way to simplify the selection process. Similarly to the coding challenge that we used at Hack China:

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  • Yahoo! Hack Europe: London Videos Available

    In late April, YDN invited hackers from across Europe to join us at Hack Europe: London for food, fun awesome tech speakers and hacks. The two day event was attended by folks from as far away as Iraq, Turkey and South Africa and resulted in some amazing hacks. In addition to the hacks, attendees gnoshed on some delicious food and beverages and soaked up hours of awesome tech learnings.

    See the demo for the Yahoo! Hack Europe: London - Grand Prize Winner and FirefoxOS Winner: RoadBuddy

    If you missed Hack Europe: London, you can read a recap of the event, learn more about the winners, watch the winning hacks being demoed and view the sessions at your leisure.

    You can see all of the Hack Europe: London videos on the YDN Theater.

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  • Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

    7758880178_4b2068050e_zPhoto credit to Reid Burke

    Since 2007, YDN has been hosting amazing Hack Days in India. The first five open hack events in India have been held in Bangalore, and we’ll be back in Bangalore later this year. This is our first open hack event in Hyderabad, and we expect this one will also embody the passion, energy and spirit of our previous events in India.

    The event is shaping up to be a great one. Become familiar with YQL, Mojito and YDN with some stellar speakers from across Yahoo! Learn about Yahoo! BOSS & Geo services from Pradeep Banavara. Take a gander at YUI’s Pure CSS with Sudar Muthu. Get acquainted with the Flickr API during a talk by Amit Kumar. We’ve invited a number of tech companies to come show off their technologies and APIs as well, so come prepared to learn!

    Demand for our previous India open hack events has consistently been high. For each event, we typically see overwhelming demand, with over 4,000 hackers, both developers and designers, applying. The response and

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  • JSConf 2013 – 5 Years of Awesome

    JSConf is one of those conferences that feels more like a gathering of friends than a meeting of strangers. The conference began five years ago in Washington DC, and was even then more a gathering of friends than the typical tech conference. YDN has been proud to be a part of the event since the beginning.

    This year’s JSConf was held at Amelia Island, FL, and as usual, sold out very early on. Some of my favorite talks were Remy Sharp’s Lessons from the Experimental Edge of Technology and Seb Lee-Delisle’s Creative JS - making art in the browser. All the talks were great, but these were spectacular. While the talks were great, as they always are, the conference organizers took great pains to cultivate smart conversations outside of the talks.


    There were events designed to spur conversations in small groups, like Putt Putt one night, the evening campfires and the Thursday off sites. There was also a full track for significant others and decompression activities outside of the main

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  • Star Students Show Off Innovation at Yahoo! Hack Beijing Event


    Some of China’s brightest minds took over Yahoo!’s Beijing Global R&D Center to compete for prizes in Yahoo! Hack Beijing, our 20th community Hack event.
    With the goal of accelerating innovation, Yahoo! has hosted over 100 hack events around the globe since 2005. Hack events enable people to learn, collaborate, get recognition, and win prizes. Yahoo! also holds employee Hackdays and creates new products from these events. The Yahoo! Weather app for iOS and Android are examples of two products that came out of an internal Hackday.

    With two million developers, YDN recognizes that China has a huge and influential developer community and therefore wanted to bring our own hack brand to the country. The event was a great success, and it’s likely we’ll return to the area soon. Students from 33 universities, including top ones such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University and as far away as Sun Yat-Sen University collaborated to brainstorm and build prototypes during

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  • Interview with Mirona Iliescu, COO, MetaBroadcast


    Photo Credit to Mark Fowler

    Editor’s Note: Mirona Iliescu was a participant at Yahoo!’s Open Hack Day in 2007 and started her company MetaBroadcast based on a hack she built at this event. She is a great example of how hacking pays off even if one does not win the top spot at a hack event. We asked her to share her story.

    What inspired you to become a hacker and learn about programming?

    I started studying computer science and learned C++ in high school. My parents who worked in a computer production facility had a huge influence in developing my interest in computers. As a child, I liked to visit their workplace and when they brought home a computer along with programming books, I was excited about the idea of telling the computer what to do.

    How did you hear about the 2007 Yahoo! Open Hack London event and why did you decide to participate?

    I heard from friends that Yahoo! Open Hack was going on and decided to go along with them. Our group had already been looking at building an

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  • Hack Europe London Draws Hackers From All Corners of the Globe


    Image credit to Toby Phillips

    This weekend’s Yahoo! Hack Europe: London was a smashing success. 230 hackers from a record 18 countries submitted 44 hacks. From the amazing food to the perfect venue, this hackathon was a win for Yahoo! and for attending hackers. Of course, none won bigger than the talented hackers who took home the prizes. See all the hacks here.

    We’re grateful to our sponsors and partners, some of which also provided prizes.

    PayPal Winner: Image Piper Toolkit

    This hack was a very cool graph-based image editor. Photographers can quickly and easily batch-process photos, adding effects with a drag-and-drop interface. The app can also monetize your photos via PayPal. It uses the PayPal and Flickr APIs.

    Expedia Winner: HakaHotel

    HakaHotel is a useful hack that lets travelers find a hotel by its amenities, with an interface that pulls in relevant Flickr photos taken near the location to see what it might be like in the area around each hotel. HakaHotel is powered by

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  • Day 1 of Hack Europe: London is Smashing!


    The sun hasn't shined all day, but everything is great here at Hack Europe: London. Despite an early start, hackers arrived ready to learn and ready to hack. Though most folks were from the UK, we also saw folks from a variety of countries across the world, including Germany, France, Republic of Moldova, Austria, Italy, Spain, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, Turkey, Iraq, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Brazil and the US. We started the day with 3 hours of tech talks, including two hands on demos for hackers only. After wrapping up the tech talks, Jay Rossiter and Titan the Robot started the countdown for the 24 hours of hacking.

    After a yummy lunch and loads of Pick & Mix, hackers were ready to collaborate. The afternoon was spent building and playing. Some hackers jumped right into hacking, others hacked for a bit then took a much needed break at the digital art wall. After a supper of Bangers and Mash, and a much needed trip to the chocolate fountain, hackers were refreshed and ready

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  • Check Out the Learning Sessions for Hack Europe: London


    Our team is hard at work, setting up for tomorrow’s Hack Europe: London. We’re packing swag bags, hanging banners, testing wifi and sending out our final round of invites in the next few hours.

    The speakers are confirmed, the judges are confirmed and the talks agenda is below. There will be two tracks, but for ease of reading, we've listed them all in order below. We hope to see you there.

    9:30 - Welcome - Anil Patel, Yahoo!; Erik Suhonen, Yahoo!

    Head of YDN, Erik Suhonen, and Head Of Developer Outreach And Community, Anil Patel, will welcome attendees to Hack Europe: London. They'll explain how Yahoo! Hack Days work and let attendees know how to get the most out of the event.

    9:40 - YUI for Hackers - Satyen Desai, Yahoo! (Slides)

    A tour of YUI, focusing on the parts of the library most suitable for getting a hack out of the door in 24 hours. We'll cover some basics, as well as introduce developers to the newest YUI CSS offerings, allowing hackers to get, not only a functional hack

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