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  • Interviews at Defrag: Dick Hardt

    Jeremy Zawodny sits down with Dick Hardt, CEO and founder of Sxip Identity, but to his staff he's the bartender. Jeremy discusses identity and talks a bit about Perl:

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  • Interviews at Defrag: Phil Windley

    While at Defrag, we sat down with Dr. Phil Windley, a nationally recognized expert in using information technology (IT) to add value to business. He regularly consults with businesses on this topic and is particularly interested in the areas of interoperability, web services, XML, and digital identity.

    Jeremy Zawodny sits down for a chat and talks about identity, DeFrag, and other topics:

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  • Under the sink with Pipes

    Pipes, a tool that lets people with limited technical expertise mash-up any data on the Internet and make it their own. We take you behind-the-scenes to meet the folks on the Pipes team.

    The music featured in this video is available
    physically here: and digitally here:

  • Experts @ Work: Steve Souders

    Our first webisode in our "Experts @ Work" series, we sit down with Steve Souders who works at Yahoo! as the Chief Performance Yahoo!. As part of his work, Steve has developed a set of best practices for making web sites faster. His book, High Performance Web Sites, explains these best practices along with the research and hands-on results that went into them.

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  • The State of Ajax | Douglas Crockford

    With Ajax, a name was given to immediately interactive distributed applications, and the focus of innovation has moved from the browser makers to the web developers. We are seeing now an explosion of application patterns and styles. In some cases, the demands of Ajax developers have gotten significantly ahead of the browsers. How will we manage large applications? How will we manage offline usage? How will we manage security when the browser's security model is hopelessly out of date?

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  • Yahoo! Hack Day Q3

    LCD Hurdles, Server lifts and 50 meter code freestyle. These are all part of the mental gymnastics taking place on Oct 10th. at Yahoo!'s Hack Day.

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  • Adobe Max Highlights

    Yahoo! Developer Network was a sponsor at Adobe Max 2007 in Chicago. Watch the highlights and watch part of Kevin Lynch's keynote addressing Yahoo!'s use of video.

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  • Adobe MAX: Y! AIR Mail (Part 1)

    In Part 1, Ryan Kennedy discusses the Y! AIR Mail at Adobe MAX as part of the Yahoo Developer Network series from Adobe Max 2007

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  • Adobe MAX: Y! AIR Mail (Part 2)

    Part 2 of the Adobe Case Study: Y! AIR Mail presented by Ryan Kennedy.

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  • Adobe MAX: Y! AIR Mail (Part 3)

    The last installment of Ryan Kennedy's presentation during Adobe MAX.

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