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  • OSCON – Zimbra

    Open source and web technologies promise to dispatch older proprietary peers with the power of community and innovation that deliver superior features plus better economics. However, having the most innovative product won’t help if your application doesn’t also embrace incumbents and offer better overall performance too. In this session, Zimbra's Kevin Henrikson shares its experience, tips, tricks incorporating the mainstream (BlackBerry, iPhone 2, AD, Exchange) with new web technologies (REST, XMPP, MySQL, J2ME, AJAX and more) to gradually reshape the enterprise.

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  • Conference Conversations: David Recordon

    David Recordon is Open Platforms Tech Lead for Six Apart, the largest independent blogging company in the world. Recordon has played a pivotal role in the development and popularization of key social media technologies such as OpenID. Tom Hughes-Croucher sits down with David and talks with him at OSCON:

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    Recordon’s history with open source software and open standards stretches back to the beginning of his career, when as a sophomore in high school he volunteered his time to lead an open source message board project with over forty members worldwide. This interest led to his co-founding of a message board hosting provider that still services tens of thousands of users around the world, and that he has since sold. Recordon was recently recognized by Google and O’Reilly as the recipient of a 2007 Open Source Award for his efforts with OpenID and is the youngest recipient in the history of the award.

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  • Kevin Henrikson – Zimbra

    Tom Hughes-Croucher sat down with Kevin Henrikson at OSCON just after Kevin's talk on Zimbra and its experience, tips, tricks incorporating the mainstream (BlackBerry, iPhone 2, AD, Exchange) with new web technologies (REST, XMPP, MySQL, J2ME, AJAX and more) to gradually reshape the enterprise.

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  • BOSS: A YDN! Screencast

    BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is Yahoo!'s open search web services platform. The BOSS goal is simple - foster innovation in the search industry. Using BOSS, developers, start-ups and even large Internet companies can build and launch web-scale search products that utilize the entire Yahoo! Search index - including investments in crawling and indexing, ranking and relevancy algorithms, and our powerful infrastructure.
    In this screencast, Vik Singh walks you through two examples of BOSS:

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  • Yahoo! Performance Presents: After YSlow “A”

    Already getting a YSlow "A"? Looking for more ways to make your pages faster and improve Roundtrip scores? This talk is for you!

    The latest Exceptional Performance breakthroughs are making their Sunnyvale debut. We have not only updated the existing 14 rules, but also added 20 new recommendations to accelerate the end-user's experience.

    Nicole Sullivan and Stoyan Stefanov from the Exceptional Performance team guide you through high performance servers, cookies, content, JavaScript, CSS, images, and mobile. Join us in a discussion of some of the highlights: optimizing images, to sprite or not to sprite?, JavaScript event handlers, alpha filters (eww!), taking advantage of iPhone's cache, and more. This talk is appropriate to engineers, product managers, UED, and (of course) web developers. Site-up and especially performance are important Yahoo! priorities.


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  • MOO API’s with Stefan Magdalinski

    Stefan Magdalinski from MOO spoke at Brickhouse about their new API which lets anyone build apps to produce and deliver bespoke individual business cards, stickers and postcards. So if you want to create a service to create semacode stickers to identify your belongings, or you want to create a Tarot Card builder, or you want to create print-on-demand trading card games, then this is for you.

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  • NASA World Wind Project

    Our friends at NASA stopped by Brickhouse to tell us about their World Wind project, an open source 3D interactive world viewer. Patrick Hogan, Project Manager and Randy Kim, UI, Data and Graphics Lead lead the group discussion. Keep checking back as we continue this ongoing support of the Luna Philosophie series from the NASA CoLab team.


    Photo Credit: Photo credits: Richard Moross and NASA/Reto Stöckli

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  • Y!OS: A Deep Dive with Neal Sample

    Our coverage from Web 2.0 Expo continues with a talk by Neal Sample as he goes in deeper to explore the recently announced Y!OS. In this session which was presented at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Neal Sample talks about Yahoo!’s approach to developing open platforms that will enable developers to create websites and applications that can deliver more relevant, compelling and engaging experiences for users.


    Neal is currently Chief Architect of Platforms at Yahoo! As a technologist, his research and development efforts include data indexing, techniques for the management of semistructured data, Grid computing, and data streams. He has published numerous articles and scientific papers in major international conferences. Neal is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Wyoming with BS and MS degrees in Computer Science. He also holds an MS and Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University. Neal was also a CIA Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

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  • Ari Balogh – Web 2.0 Expo Keynote

    Ari Balogh, CTO at Yahoo! just offered a preview at Web 2.0 Expo of a very new kind of Yahoo!. One that invites developers to take advantage of our huge scale to write applications that build on our existing properties (think Mail, Sports, Search, our front page, mobile, My Yahoo!, etc.), tap into millions of loyal users, and make Internet experience more relevant and useful.

    Aristotle “Ari” Balogh is currently Chief Technology Officer at Yahoo!. He is responsible for company-wide product development which includes optimizing resources, speeding innovation, and ensuring the quality of Yahoo!’s products and services. He is focused on establishing a common architecture and building blocks to drive development aligned with corporate strategy and on improving the overall effectiveness of Yahoo!’s engineering efforts.

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  • Conference Conversations: Web 2.0 Expo

    We enlisted the help of Karen Nguyen from Y! Video and hit the expo floor at Web 2.0 to see what was happening. In this clip, Karen runs into iJustine, plays the "name game", drives a monster truck with a cell phone, and takes her aggression out on a Brat's doll.

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