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  • Yahoo! Developer Network – Interns

    This summer we had 3 great interns join the Yahoo! Developer Network team. In this video you'll get to meet Mattt, Christian & Joseph:

    Video by Matt Thompson, aka Mattt.

  • Fire Eagle takes flight

    Fire Eagle is an open platform that helps users take their location to the web, and safely share their info with sites, services, and people on the Internet while keeping full control over their data and privacy. Watch Tom Coates give an overview:

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  • OSCON – Evan ‘Rabble’ Henshaw-Plath

    Rabble is a hacker and software developer at large. He has extensive experience doing Ruby on Rails development and generally causing a ruckus. He built the core of the Yahoo! Fire Eagle location broker platform, was lead engineer on, and is writing Testing Ruby on Rails for O’Reilly.

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  • OSCON – OpenID with Allen Tom

    OpenID ( is a single sign-on solution that has gained a lot of traction in 2008. Putting a critical eye to openid's many deployments, this panel will consider questions such as "how has openid succeeded/failed?," "how have end-users responded to openid?," "is openid safer/more-dangerous than other approaches?" "what are some openid success stories?," and "how could openid be improved?"

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    Allen Tom is the architect for Yahoo’s Membership team, and is responsible for Yahoo’s Authentication services, including OpenID, OAuth, BBAuth, and SAML.

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  • OSCON – Simon St. Laurent

    Simon St. Laurent is a web developer, network administrator, computer book author, and XML troublemaker living in Ithaca, NY. His books include XML: A Primer, XML Elements of Style, Cookies, Office 2003 XML, and the XML Pocket Reference.

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    You can find his writing on everything from technology to Quakerism to life in Dryden to gardening to New York State politics aggregated at

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  • OSCON – Jay Shirley,

    Our new Yahoo! Developer Network evangelist Erik Eldridge was busy talking to attendees at OSCON. He sat with Jay Shirley from to learn more about Jay and some of his open projects:

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    TRT: 03:41 MM:SS

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  • OSCON – Chris Messina & Scott Kveton

    Scott Kveton is a digital identity promoter and open source advocate. Scott has worked at Amazon, and JanRain as well as founded the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University. Chris Messina arrived in San Francisco four years ago to begin volunteering for the Mozilla Foundation, as a leader of the Spread Firefox community marketing project. During his time with Mozilla, he helped raise over $220,000 in microdonations to put a two-page spread, which he also designed, into the New York Times helping to increase Firefox’s downloads to over 50 million in its first six months.

    Tom Hughes-Croucher sat down with them at OSCON to learn more about their talk on OpenID:

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  • OSCON – HDFS Under the Hood

    Our own Sanjay gave a talk at OSCON on The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS) which provides scalable, fault-tolerant, and high performance data storage and retrieval for Internet scale data applications. This talk presents an overview of HDFS and then dives under the hood to look at its implementation, performance characteristics, and planned enhancements.

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    ABOUT: Sanjay leads the Hadoop Distributed File System project at Yahoo where it is in daily use for large clusters of several thousand machines. Previously he has held senior positions at Cassatt, Sun Microsystems and INRIA where he has developed systems software for distributed systems and grid/utility computing infrastructures. He has published numerous papers and holds several patents. Sanjay has PhD in Computer Science from University of Waterloo, Canada.

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  • OSCON – The Fishsticks

    Ok, so being at OSCON wasn't all business. We sent our intern Mattt (he can explain the 3 t's) around the show floor to do a little video for us. If you haven't heard of "fishsticks", then do a Yahoo! search and see more. Here's what we got:

  • All The Code That’s Fit To printf()

    Derek Gottfrid is a Senior Software Architect at The New York Times. He has been involved in building many key parts of the infrastructure, including search, web serving, e-mail distribution, and platform development. Derek has led efforts to improve the use of open source software within the Times and is responsible for the open source project dbslayer —a database connection pooling server. He also blogs regularly about his open source work at Yahoo! Developer Network evangelist Tom Hughes-Croucher talked with Derek to learn on cloud computing and the efforts:

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