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  • Open Hack Day: YUI 3.0

    Eric Miraglia and Matt Sweeney gave an Open Hack Day talk on YUI 3.0. Watch it here:


  • Open Hack Day – the hackumentary

    On Sept. 12th. Yahoo! opened it's doors to over 300 hackers and gave them access to it's existing API's and some previews of new Y! Open Strategy technologies.

    The "hackumentary" follows hackers throughout the Open Hack Day at Yahoo!. We chronicle the entire event and it's attendees as they race to hack on Yahoo's API's for the ultimate hack challenge, all in less than 24hrs.

    The hackumentary will be shown in full HD, so keep checking back for details on the release.
    Download in HD!

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  • Journey to the West: A Developer’s Tale

    We were sent this video by some developers who were invited to Open Hack Day, meet Gavin, Andrei and Harish. They made a video chronicling their first Open Hack Day experience. Watch their video here:

    Gavin Bong Chun Jin is a 38-year old Malaysian software consultant that resides in Petaling Jaya, a Malaysian city at the edge of the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. This graduate from Australia’s Monash University is currently employed at Jayway Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a software consulting firm.

    Andrei Marinduque Navarro hails from the Philippines where he is currently residing at Antipolo City. This 23-year old senior technology developer/software engineer graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. Since then, he has worked in several other Philippines-based technology companies such as FBM Software/Wablet, Expitrans Phil Inc and Halo Nine software.

    Harish Venkata Mallipeddi is a 22-year old software engineer from Singapore. This National University of Singapore graduate is currently

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  • Taiwan Open Hack Day

    Taiwan hacks open style.

    From the opening band to the enthusiastic prize-giving, Taiwan Open Hack Day 2008 was full of energy. The hacking began even before the opening ceremony was underway, and co-founder David Filo and Rose Tsou, Managing Director of our Asia Region, kicked off the event by throwing a big yellow ball into the audience. Watch the highlights here:

    Held in the Taipei Youth Recreation Center on September 20 -21, 41 teams participated to create a total of 180 hacks.

  • Cody Simms from Y! Open Strategy on

    Cody Simms, Senior Director of Product Management for Y!OS, sat down with Chris Messina (factoryjoe), Joseph Smarr, and John McCrea at On the heels of Open Hack 2008, Chris, John, and Joseph welcome Cody to a discussion of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS). Plus a report from last week's exciting Portable Contacts Summit. You can read The Real McCrea's coverage of Yahoo!'s latest open moves or watch the conversation here:

    A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

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  • Open Hack Day 2008: Highlights and Hacks

    The hackers came, they saw, they conquered! Thanks to everyone who made this event such a success. Watch some highlights here:

  • Hack on Yahoo! Social API’s

    Guess who it is? It's Ryan Kennedy, gave yet another presentation on Yahoo! Social APIs. This is one that was part of the series of workshops at Open Hack Day:

    Download Coming Soon...

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  • Open Hack Day: Search Monkey

    For Open Hack Day, Paul Tarjan and Even Goer give a presentation on Search Monkey.

    Download NOW

  • API Overview

    Ryan Kennedy gave this great presentation on the Yahoo! API's for our Open Hack Day crowd. Watch it here:

    Download Coming Soon...

  • Yahoo! Open Hack Day

    The hack is back! Want to request an invite to Open Hack 2008, September 12-13? Sign up at Hope you can join us at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale. We don’t mind if you code all night.


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