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  • Android Security for the Novice

    Android made a debut with a bang in 2008. With its open source operating system, self signed apps, and freedom to upload your app on the Market; it was developers dream come true. Fast forward to today, malware for Android is growing by leaps and bounds and there is a plethora of worms and viruses infecting the Android ecosystem. Where did we go wrong?

    I love my Android phone and am a huge proponent of open source technologies. But open sourced software comes packed with risks. The risks arise from it being open- sourced and very well understood. If you look from my eyes, Android has a very elegant security model. We need to understand it and make use of its security artifacts. In the next few paragraphs, I have tried to paint a very basic picture of what the Android Security model looks like.

    Android Software Stack

    Android’s software stack is multi-layered and each layer adds to the security of the Android platform. On top of the device hardware, sits the Android operating system,

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