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  • PHP Québec 2009

    I've just returned from Montreal, Québec, where I spoke on Yahoo! Pipes and YQL at the seventh edition of PHP Québec. The three day conference focused primarily on PHP, but did have a fair representation of other web related technologies.

    Ilia and Derick
    Ilia and Derick by Sebastian Bergmann

    The impressive speaker line-up included core and well known contributors like Marcus Börger, Johannes Schlüter (release manager for PHP 5.3), Andrei Zmievski, Ilia Alshanetsky, Sebastian Bergman (PHPUnit), Derick Rethans (xdebug) and Chris Shiflett, to name a few. The hallway conversations, most in high speed French, suggested that every talk left the audience better informed than before.

    Day one was in full swing when I got there. Marcus had some very good talks on Objects and extension writing while Sebastian introduced "Lambda functions, Closures and Traits". Morgan Tocker's talk on MySQL high availability evidenced his excellent tutorial skills, not to mention his ability to command the attention of

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  • Ottawa too

    While Tom and a bunch of other Yahoos are down in Portland for OSCON, I'm in Ottawa this week for Linux Symposium. We're almost done with day two of the conference, and it's been excellent so far.

    While most talks delve into the kernel, or system level features of linux, there's also decent coverage of Performance, Security, Mobile, UI, Web Applications, and Green Computing. I'll be doing a tutorial on CVS and Bugzilla this Friday, and another on Yahoo! Pipes on Saturday.

    If you're at the conference and you spot a guy wearing Yahoo! gear, come say hi. I might even have some swag if my luggage gets here in time.

    Philip Tellis
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