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  • New Content Analysis API

    Today we're pleased to announce the availability of our new Content Analysis service through YQL. Content Analysis replaces Yahoo!’s popular Term Extraction service and now provides advanced content analysis on either text or a URL, leverages Yahoo!’s state of the art MLR technology to extract key terms from the content, and, more importantly, to rank them based on their overall importance to the content.

    The Content Analysis Web Service detects entities/concepts, categories, and relationships within unstructured content. It ranks those detected entities/concepts by their overall relevance, resolves those if possible into Wikipedia pages, and annotates tags with relevant meta-data. For developers who publish unstructured data, Content Analysis adds substantial value by giving you a ranked vector for each document you send to the service. Armed with the key terms for each unstructured document, you can more effectively describe these pages for SEO and other indexing needs. In addition,

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  • Deprecation of Y! Term Extraction API – Action required by non-YQL users

    Today we announce the closure of our Term Extraction service on YDN, which will happen on March 31, 2012. So, you have plenty time to make changes to your applications using this service.

    Term Extraction has been a part of YDN since 2006 and we are glad so many developers have found it useful over that time. As we've noted on the Term Extraction product page the closure will take place over two steps.

    First, we will close access to the API in favor of access through YQL. We encourage all existing users of Term Extraction to migrate to YQL requests. If you are already using the Term Extraction API via YQL, you don't need to do anything.

    We will subsequently retire Term Extraction in favor of a more advanced API, also accessed through YQL, Content Analysis API. Once you have migrated your calls to YQL, those same calls will work with Content Analysis. Content Analysis includes many features beyond Term Extraction and we hope you'll try it out today.

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