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  • Sherpa update

    In June 2009 we announced the launch of Yahoo!’s distributed Cloud storage platform, called Sherpa. Sherpa is the next-generation structured-record distributed storage service in Yahoo! that addresses scalability, availability and latency needs of Yahoo! websites.

    Sherpa is horizontally scalable, and supports this scale elastically based on capacity demands. Sherpa is globally deployed within Yahoo! and data is replicated asynchronously (typically under a second) across data centers. Sherpa provides different consistency models, and applications can use consistency knobs and APIs to deal with data that is replicated asynchronously.

    In the last year, we have added a number of interesting (and useful) features to Sherpa that has helped us serve the needs of Yahoo! better.


    DOT: Distributed Ordered Tables

    Many Web applications deploy MySQL (or some

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