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  • So many performance geeks all in one place!

    O’Reilly’s Velocity Con, of course.

    Kai Hansen, Tony Ralph, Eric Goldsmith, and Artur Bergman during, This is Your Page with Ads, a panel moderated by Steve Souders.

    It turns out I’m not the only person who thinks micro-optimization of CSS files is cool.  I learned this lesson a year ago when I joined the Exceptional Performance team at Yahoo! and had it reinforced by the quality of both the presentations and the hallway conversations at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference last week.

    Attending Velocity Con was fabulous.  I was especially impressed that the sessions on web performance were packed.  There were a ton of Yahoos at the conference,  Julien Lecomte from Yahoo! Search spoke about “High-performance Ajax Applications”.

    “In the past few years, Ajax has become very popular because it has enabled developers to build more complex web applications. However, in the rush to push the browser to new limits, we have created a monster. “ – Julien

    Julien suggested several detailed strategies

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