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  • YDN at Future Insights, Praha

    FOWA Prague

    YDN was in the Czech Republic this week for the Future of Web Apps Prague. This small city of just over one million people is a European treasure and cultural centre that punches above its weight by receiving about four million international visitors per year. It's also home to many talented web developers and designers who we spent much time talking with at the YDN booth.


    Addy Osmani from Google presented the opening keynote,"The New Wave Utility Belt", where he talked about the current state of the front-end tooling landscape and his favorite development tools and workflow. Key messages included: "Learn to love the command-line", "alias the commands you use the most", use Browserstack for cross browser testing, Zen Coding for high speed coding, and Live Reload or WebStorm for rapid coding feedback... Deep breath... Then came an overview of some of the cool new features in Chrome Development tools, like, User Agent and Geo-location overrides.

    Osmani concluded with an overview

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  • Open Hack India delivers once again


    Open Hack India 2012 is officially over and we're buzzing with excitement about the amazing 171 hacks that were submitted for judging. To manage this record-breaking number, the hacks were presented in seven concurrent prejudging rounds. The top 30 hacks from the prejudging round were presented on stage in front of the whole audience and all judges.

    Without further ado, here are the winning hacks for your reading pleasure.

    Grand Prize winner: Brock from team Brock


    Yahoo! Open Hack veterans Amod Kumar Pandey and Nikhil Baliga finally struck gold when they won the Grand Prize. Their hack, Brock is like Yahoo! Pipes for mobile apps. Brock is a simple and intuitive tool that allows even non-developers to build very useful mini-apps for their Android devices with just a few clicks. You can build apps like Auto SMS responder for calls, WiFi controller, SMS scheduler, Auto-set phone to vibrations based on calendar meetings, location based app launcher and more. Brock is built on top of

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  • Open Hack India 2012 gets off to a flying start

    Mojito Audience

    A long day at the code face is coming to an end and things are looking promising at the 5th annual Open Hack India. Murray Rowan kicked off the day with his rendition of "Hacking != Cracking (and everything else you need to know to survive a hackday)". After clearing up some common misconceptions of hacking, Murray gave his 15 hackday survival tips, which included scratching your own itch, expect the unexpected (like indoor rain and wifi sabotaging kittens), and alcohol is not your friend (which we never thought we'd ever hear from a Scot).

    Following Murray, was Saurabh Sahni, YDN's product guy and hacker, with his enthusiastic take on "Hacking on Steroids with YQL". Revealing that YQL currently gives access to 1255 APIs, he showed how you can easily mix, match and filter APIs to get exactly the data you want for your hack. Why not give the YQL console a try today.


    Over in track 2, Praveen P.N., our speed freak in residence, gave a talk on "Web Performance - A look inside Yahoo!".

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  • Open Hack India 2012: Locked and Loaded!


    The fifth annual Open Hack India will take place this weekend in Bangalore. In one of our biggest hackdays yet, 700 hackers from 20 Indian states will embark upon a 36 hour overnight hackathon.

    We're currently in the process of building the set, which will transform the Grand Ball Room at the Sheraton Bangalore into a hackers palace.

    To manage the massive number of hacks expected, we're running pre-judging rounds where hackers will compete in categories to win a place in the final, where the top 40 hacks will be presented to the whole audience and judging panel.


    Our esteemed judging panel consists of senior executives from Yahoo! and special guest judges including Sameer Brij Verma from Nexus Venture partners, and Mukund Mohan, a successful serial entrepreneur.

    Congratulations if you managed to secure a place at the event. I'm afraid that there are no places left for those who have not. This event fills up very quickly.

    Check out our event community, where you can find the schedule,

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  • ChronoZoom, page load costs, Boot to Gecko, and more…

    How much does a one-second page load delay cost, infographic?

    Mozilla's "Boot to Gecko" project aimed at enabling the Open Web as a platform for mobile devices.

    Teach and Learn HTML5, CSS3, JS in a new way.

    Check out the pattern library from the new responsive Starbucks.

    How to write Augmented Reality application with JavaScript.

    9 popular iPhone games recreated in HTML5.

    The developer's guide to new exciting web technologies that aren't part of HTML5.

    Using an iOS device to control a game on your browser.

    The Agile Waterfall, a hybrid approach between Agile and Waterfall.

    Useful tools to check cross-browser compatibility issues.

    ChronoZoom takes you through 14 billion years of space-time via HTML5.

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  • Hadoop Summit 2012 – Registration now open!

    Hadoop Summit 2012

    San Jose Convention Center on on June 13-14, 2012

    Hortonworks and Yahoo! are proud to host the 5th annual Hadoop Summit.

    The two-day event will feature many of the thought leaders from the Apache Hadoop community who will showcase successful Hadoop use cases, share development and administration tips and tricks and educate organizations about how to leverage Apache Hadoop as a key component of their enterprise data platform.

    Hadoop Summit will also be an excellent network environment for developers, architects, administrators, data analysts and vendors interested in advancing, extending or implementing Apache Hadoop.


    Hadoop Summit Tracks include:

    1. The Future of Hadoop
    2. Deployment and Operations
    3. Enterprise Data Architecture
    4. Applications and Data Science
    5. Analytics and Business Intelligence
    6. Hadoop in Action

    Register Now

    Interested in Speaking at Hadoop Summit. Call for papers is now open. Deadline to submit an abstract is Feb 22, 2012.

    Submit your abstract>

    Want a crash course on Apache Hadoop?

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  • Yahoo! Open Hack All Stars in New York City

    Winners of Open Hack All Stars 2011

    Last week in New York City, YDN hosted the first ever Yahoo! Open Hack All Stars.

    We invited the winning teams from Yahoo! Open Hack and HackU events from around the world to come to New York and compete in the 2011 hack finale. Forty hackers from as far as India, Brazil and Romania took part in the event, which took place alongside the Yahoo! Global Partner Summit.

    Up for grabs was the $10,000 prize and the opportunity to present their hack to VCs, CEOs, and other senior executives from Yahoo!, and our partners, who were attending the summit.

    NYC Bus Tour

    We set up a hack room in the Sheraton hotel and kitted it out with everything hackers would need to deliver a great hack in 24 hours, including XBOX and Wii. Each team was assigned a mentor in the form of a talented technical Yahoo!, who could help them with anything they needed along the way. As a special treat, we arranged an open-top bus tour of New York City, which is just spectacular at night!

    Choosing a winner

    As you would expect from a

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  • Yahoo! Open Hack India 2011

    YDN is excited to announce that the 4th Yahoo! Open Hack India will take place in Bangalore on 30th & 31st July 2011. This is one of our most popular events. In 2010, over 2000 developers and designers registered to attend, and 400 of those had registered within the first 24 hours alone. Sadly, there were only places for 450 hackers and 150 tech talk attendees, so it was tough having to turn away so many talented hackers.

    This year we will be increasing the available places to 600 hackers and 200 tech talk attendees, which will make it our biggest ever Open Hack. We still expect more demand than supply. So, if you really want to come along, we recommend that you register quickly to increase your chance.

    Register here for Open Hack India 2011

    We hereby issue a call to action for developers, designers and innovators from all across India to come to Bangalore and participate in this most awesome event! Yahoo! will provide you with everything you need to have fun, be creative and

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  • The Open Hack train just keeps on moving!

    Next stop Bucharest on May 14th-15th

    Open Hack Europe is right around the corner and we're just brimming with excitement about it. If you've not registered yet, NOW would be a good time to do so - REGISTER RIGHT HERE. We're expecting developers and designers from over 10 countries to demonstrate their coding creativity in this wild-west-in-the-east style geek showdown.

    Kids on Computers

    Kids on Computers

    We are excited to announce our collaboration with Kids on Computers at Yahoo! EU Open Hack in Bucharest. Kids on Computers is a non-profit that sources computer equipment and builds labs for underprivileged kids around the world. This is an incredibly worthy cause and we are honored to support it!

    So, if you are coming to Bucharest, please bring along your old computer equipment to help build out a lab for some deserving Romanian children. Also, if you'd like to volunteer to help build this lab, please let us know at the event. We need volunteers to make it all happen. Together we can make a big

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  • All Aboard for Dundee HackU VI

    A happy hacker

    YDN was back in Dundee, Scotland recently for the 6th Annual HackU there. This year we partnered with Mozilla to provide the students with even more inspiration for their hacks. The relationship that we have with the University of Dundee is unique because our Hack program is integrated with the curriculum. This means that the hacks that the students produce are graded and count towards their final grade for their 3rd year Internet Programming module. This commitment from the University means a lot to us and we always try to put on a first class event for them. It's always a pleasure to be at Dundee Uni to see what their talented students will come up with next.

    The program started back in February with a video conference with the students to set the scene for their challenge. We explain the concept of a hack event, tell them all about Yahoo!'s wonderful developer technologies, and show them examples of the sorts of hacks that we've seen before. After that, they had 6 weeks to come up

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