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  • How YQL powers Cocktails, the technology behind Livestand

    YQL is a query language platform. While it has been popular with developers outside of Yahoo! for some time now, it should come as no surprise that YQL also serves a vital role as a key part of the Yahoo! ecosystem, processing a substantial volume of queries reaching well over hundred billion per month.

    Incidentally, YQL is also one of the key technologies behind Livestand, along with the Cocktails development platform. While Cocktails provides a powerful cross device application runtime, YQL steps in with a scalable, data execution environment for hosting data-tier logic that is easily accessed via familiar query language and YQL Tables. YQL is a key data pipeline between the application and discrete specialized content services within Yahoo!. YQL is a front-end serving platform for various content pieces such as sports articles, weather, stock quotes, advertising and user preferences to name a few. YQL is used to deliver information to the application as well as send data from

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