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  • YAP 2.4 is now live

    We are pleased to announce that version 2.4 of the Yahoo! Application Platform is now available. Much of the work in this release lays the groundwork for significant changes that will be rolling out across Yahoo! in the coming weeks.

    Extended Flash Support

    The yml:swf tag is now supported in the app small view and preview. Now you can provide a much richer experience in these views using Flash. Don’t’ forget to review the full list of supported tags for these views.

    Install Everywhere for Apps

    When an app is installed on the Yahoo! network, it will be available on all applicable areas across Yahoo! that support YAP apps. For example, if a user installs an app on MyYahoo!, they will also see the application on their Pulse | MyApps page. This means that users will no longer have to install your app everywhere that they want to use it.

    Yahoo! Pulse | Apps page for user, showing features Apps and user-selected Appspulse-apps

    There will be some exceptions, such as if some Yahoo! sites restrict the types of apps that can be used to a specific category (for example, sports

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  • YAP goodness: Games galore, WordPress

    More game developers are coming onboard YAP, for self-service, Open Social-powered gaming goodness. Try out the latest from OMGPOP (no relation to Yahoo!'s OMG): Draw My Thing , Balloono, and Pool.

    Can you read Chinese? Check out GodGame and Gamelet's Pet Crossing . Also available: Smash Snakes, Tank Man, and Crystal Digger.

    GodGame on Yahoo! Pulsegodgame

    We're counting down the days until we launch the wildly popular Zynga titles on our Y! network. Stay tuned.

    Last week, we successfully went live with our redesigned Yahoo! Developer Network site, focused on our YQL-fueled developer products and our blogs. The YDN and Hadoop blogs were launched on a secure, PHP-deployed instance of WordPress. It's also powering the CMS for Y! News' The Upshot site.

    Yahoo! News Upshotynews-upshot-ds

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  • Latest YAP updates

    A developer named Jack recently asked, via the YAP Forum, whether we could share any YAP statistics and how well YAP is doing.

    YAP statistics

    yap-yfrontpage.jpgWe currently don't share specific or overall numbers for YAP Applications. However, every developer receives data on how his or her app is performing, including installation numbers and active users.

    We can tell you that we are seeing very good growth in our install numbers overall — we saw five-fold growth in the past month alone — as

    1. Apps become more discoverable (now featured heavily on Yahoo! Pulse, Yahoo!'s central Profiles product)
    2. More apps come to the YAP platform
    3. More Apps take advantage of viral features, such as Yahoo! Updates

    As you can probably guess, our daily users and number of apps are smaller than some of our well-known competitors, but we're working hard to shrink that gap Smiley emoticon

    Upcoming features

    We're happy to tell you about some of our near-term features. With the growth of social gaming, and our announcement of our

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  • Yahoo! Application Platform new release

    We are pleased to release version 2.2 of the Yahoo! Application Platform. Several new features and enhancements are included with this version of YAP that allow developers to present a better experience to and drive more social interaction between users.

    New Preview view

    Within the gadget XML file, we have added support for a new view type, Preview. The Preview view, if included, will be displayed to users who have not signed into Yahoo! or have not yet given the app permission to access their user data or broadcast updates.

    You can use this view type to provide an introduction to your app and entice users to log in. You can provide permission for your application to be personalized and thus generate updates to the users social graph. More information is available in the Gadget XML Configuration File section of the guide.

    YML Customize page in Guide

    Yml:customize tag

    There is also a new YML tag created for use in Preview. Yml:customize is used to create a call to action for the user to permit the application

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  • A change to your YAP application images

    Yahoo! My Favorites page
    Starting on Monday, June 21, the icon displayed for your app on the home page — in the Favorites navigation bar — will no longer be the 20x20 icon image (YahooComIconUrl) included with your app. It will be the 16x16 favicon image.

    If you want to change your favicon image, simply update the tag in the tag of your gadget XML file.

    Note that if your image is not a .gif file, it will be converted into a .gif file for use on the home page.

    For more information on updating your app, please refer to Updating Your Application in the Yahoo! Application Platform Developers Guide.

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