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  • Yahoo! Avatars on Facebook

    Yahoo! users love their avatars, and millions of users use an avatar as their profile picture on their Yahoo! Pulse (formerly Yahoo! Profile) page. We wanted to let users use them also on their other favorite social destinations, such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

    As Yahoo! began working on a partnership with Facebook, we were able to move this forward. We’re glad to announce that you can now export your Yahoo! Avatar to the Facebook album, and then select it as your profile picture on Facebook.

    Yahoo avatars for Facebook

    Here’s how this works:

    1. Account Linking: You (Yahoo! user) must link your Facebook account to Yahoo! (You are authorizing Yahoo! to give offline access to your Facebook account and permission to upload avatar image without explicit approval.)
    2. Avatar Export: Go to the Avatar Export page and export your avatar to Facebook. (This creates a new album, named Yahoo! Avatars, for the first time.) We’re using Facebook REST APIs to upload photo and create album.
    3. Facebook Profile Picture: Select the
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