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  • Under the Hood – The Tech Powering Search Direct

    Today we announced Search Direct. As an engineering team, we’re always looking for ways to make search faster, more relevant, and easier to use. Today’s news hits all of those beats, but we also think it does something more. We think it makes the search experience more innovative and fun by bringing rich, related content right into the search box as you type.

    Screenshot of Local Weather via Search Directweather_med

    How did we do it? The story of Search Direct starts with another technology that Yahoo! pioneered, Search Assist. Search Assist focuses on helping people submit better search queries by suggesting the likeliest queries for what the user is typing. With Search Direct, the idea is that if we understand what you’re looking for, then why not skip past the query itself and go straight to giving you the answers you’re looking for right there in the search box as you type? It seems obvious, but in reality this is the first real fundamental change to search in more than a decade.

    This kind of experience requires serious technical

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