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  • Yahoo! Mail rolls out a smarter inbox

    You may have seen today’s news announcing the next generation of Yahoo! Mail — rolling out a “smarter inbox”experience to users. One way to make an inbox smarter: make applications that can work within it, opening up Yahoo! Mail to content and services built outside the Yahoo! network.

    We’ve talked here before about the Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS), and in October we released the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP), Yahoo! Social Platform (YSP), and Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), giving developers access to Yahoo!’s tools and data to start building applications for Yahoo!’s vast audience and the Web beyond.

    Today, we’re extending these technologies to Mail, providing developers with access to our documentation and guidelines for building apps that run on this new canvas. With a highly engaged and active audience of hundreds of millions of users around the world, the opportunity to create innovative applications that drive traffic back to your site and increase user engagement with your

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  • WebappsCon2008: Wrap-up

    For the second year running, Yahoo! Korea was able to sponsor and participate in WebappsCon, Seoul, Korea. One of the biggest web technology conferences in Korea, WebappsCon2008 was a one-day gathering full of worthwhile programs and workshops.

    WebappsCon2008 Schedule

    The morning sessions were divided into front-end and back-end technology. The impressive list of speakers included technology leaders from across the internet industry in Korea. Front-end topics included website performance tuning, mashup web application development, and testing frameworks for accessibility. Back-end talks covered best practices for PHP MVC frameworks, cloud computing, and semantic web linked data technology.

    WebappsCon2008 Sessions

    And then it was time for lunch. The cafeteria was conveniently located just a flight of stairs below the auditorium. My choice of menu for lunch was the delicious seafood soondoobu (tofu hot pot).

    WebappsCon2008 Sessions

    Throughout lunch, each sponsor cafe went into full gear. To introduce Yahoo! Maps, the Yahoo! Korea team prepared Ubongo

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