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  • Introducing Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) in Indonesia

    Apa kabar semua?

    I have some exciting news to share from Yahoo! in Southeast Asia. To start off, my name is Turochas Fuad and I am responsible for the Yahoo! Mobile business in Southeast Asia. To give you all a little background on what?s happening here, last week during a press briefing Pontus Sonnerstedt, senior director and country lead for Indonesia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, alluded to more focused attention and activities involving third party developers in the country.

    As a part of Yahoo!?s effort and commitment to promote Yahoo!?s open strategy in Indonesia, I?m pleased to announce the official launch of Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) in Indonesia this week.

    I understand that there are many Indonesian readers on this blog. Being an Indonesian myself, I am particularly excited about the upcoming YDN initiatives that the company have been putting together, as I do believe there are a lot of undiscovered talent within my fellow Indonesians.

    To kick-start YDN in Indonesia, we?re going

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  • State of the Eagle

    Both South by Southwest and my lease are coming up this weekend, which means
    that Fire Eagle is a year old. Last March, we
    started sending out invitations to the Fire Eagle Beta. Since then, we’ve
    worked hard to build out an equal access platform, with both libraries and
    APIs, focusing on getting data and information to external developers and
    determining the best ways to preserve users’ privacy.

    In the meantime, Mozilla Labs released
    Geode, more and more startups are
    incorporating location as a way to improve their users’ experience,
    Google launched
    Latitude, and I have a copy of
    Wired Magazine’s “Inside the GPS
    ” on my desk. User location
    is finally hitting the big-time and is clearly here to stay.

    If you hadn’t already realized this, you should be incorporating user location
    into your applications. Fire Eagle is how. Incorporating Fire Eagle into your
    sites allows you to tap into your users’ locations while benefiting from the
    ecosystem of other developers doing the same

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  • Search Monkey Announces Support for Video, Games, and More

    The Yahoo! Search Blog has just posted about how SearchMonkey now allows the embedding of video, documents, and games on the Yahoo! Search results page. Here on the YDN blog, we'd like to highlight a couple of technical notes.

    First, this new program represents a significant new feature for SearchMonkey. Up until now, site owners and developers have had to first get their structured data into the Yahoo! Search index, and then go to the SearchMonkey Developer Tool to create a presentation. With this launch, SearchMonkey is starting to provide default treatments for certain types of data. Yahoo! Search is essentially saying, "Here are some patterns of structured data that we understand and will present in a certain way." If you would like to override our default treatment, you can always use the SearchMonkey developer tool to build a custom presentation.

    Second, when it comes to understanding patterns of structured data, our approach is that There's More Than One Way To Do It. For

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  • Cool Mashups from Korea

    After three months of mashing and hacking, the Korea Mashup Contest 2009 concluded last Saturday in Seoul, Korea. Yahoo! Korea was a major sponsor for the event and yours truly was a judge.

    There were over 300 developers and students who took part in the contest with over 90 MashUps submitted ? 31% more than 2008. With so many amazing submissions, it?s wasn?t an easy job to judge. Nonetheless, we managed to settle on 3 exceptional winners:

    1. Hitchhikers guide to the Earth
    Our first winner certainly lived up to the spirit of the competition. This travel and navigation tool mashes together a total of 5 services! They are:

    ? Yahoo! (POI, Map)
    ? flickr (Place, Photo)
    ? Google (Weather)
    ? Naver (Book, Cafe)
    ? Daum (Blog)

    On top of this, the great content is wrapped in a beautiful UI. Want to take it offline? No problem-- it can make a PDF guide book on the fly.

    2. UIzard ? Easy UIMaker
    This WYSIWYG development tool lets you use Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library components with simple

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  • We’re on the Road Again: Come Talk to Us

    Dan Theurer at FOWA

    It's that time of the year again, when the conference calendar is stacked.

    We ended February at the Future of Web Apps in Miami where Dan Theurer talked about the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) and the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) . March 9-12, YDN will be back in San Jose at ETech where you can check out Sam Pullara's YQL deep dive and Paul Tarjan?s overview of SearchMonkey and the Semantic Web . Grab a discount code or follow all ETech action and Yahoo! participation on the ETech 2009 event page.

    Following ETech, from March 16-17, we'll be at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference , where Dan Theurer will cover the lessons we've learned while building the Yahoo! Developer Network. In case you?re not familiar with the conference, it?s the only event solely for developer relations professionals. Held once a year over two days, it?s a great opportunity for knowledge transfer and exchange with the top developer relations professionals in charge of premier programs. It also

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  • Web Application Security with Christian Heilmann

    Web Directions North 2009 (WDN) was a conference dedicated to bringing the best ideas and practices from the web development industry to educations, developers, and designers. Among the speakers, Christian Heilmann, Yahoo! technology evangelist and front-end web development expert, presented an introduction to web application security entitled: Things that go bump on the web. To learn more about the important connection between web security and usability, watch the video of his presentation at WDN09:

    Download NOW

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  • We’re so Open, we’re even on Google!

    Yahoo! Updates screenshot

    With Yahoo! Updates, sites can broadcast the activities of their users to Yahoo!'s massive global audience of over 500M+ monthly unique users. Sites integrating with Yahoo! Updates receive referral traffic from everywhere the Yahoo! Updates feed is published, including Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Toolbar, and... even on iGoogle!

    Users authorize sites to share their online activities on Yahoo! Updates using the OAuth protocol. OAuth allows users to authorize sites to access Yahoo! APIs on their behalf, without having to share their password. OAuth is an open standard supported by an increasing number of sites and makes it possible for developers to reuse code that implements API authentication without having to write custom code for every service provider.

    Sites that speak OAuth are more likely to interoperate with each other, and as a proof of concept, I wrote a gadget for iGoogle that uses OAuth to show the Yahoo! Updates feed on iGoogle. iGoogle is a personalized homepage

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  • Extend Your Publishing Reach with JS-Kit + Yahoo! Updates

    Today, we're excited to announce a collaboration between Yahoo! and JS-Kit, a leading distributed social network connecting more than 600,000 sites across the Web, including AOL, Evite, Experian, JetBlue, Sun Microsystems, and WorldNow. Through this integration, JS-Kit is making it easy for their vast network of publishers to benefit from the power of Yahoo! Updates. Eventually, each story a publisher sends to the Yahoo! Updates feed will benefit from referral traffic to Yahoo!'s most popular sites: Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Toolbar, Profiles, and more.

    According to JS-Kit CEO, Khris Loux, "JS-Kit is excited to be working with Yahoo! to add this new functionality for our publishers. By leveraging Yahoo!'s Social Directory API and Updates API we're giving our customers a powerful way to improve the user experience of their communities and sites, as well as to tap into Yahoo!'s global audience." JS-Kit?s Comments widget now lets users publish stories to their Yahoo! Updates

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  • YDN Lightning Talks: Design Patterns

    The Yahoo! Design Pattern Library shares useful patterns and code with the web design and development community. Patterns have been built for Reputation, Ranking, Calendar Pickers, and more.

    Christian Crumlish, Yahoo!'s head "pattern detective", provides an overview of the design pattern library, sharing from his own experiences in design. To learn how design patterns can help solve common design problems, listen to Christian's talk:

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  • Developer Spotlight: Playfish

    Playfish is one of the largest developers and publishers of video games on social networks with "over 50 million registered players and over 20 million monthly players" across their games. Playfish is one of the first developers to launch a social game on My Yahoo!, with Bowling Buddies, a 3D flash-based game that allows users to bowl with their friends.

    We spoke to Playfish co-founder and COO, Sebastien de Halleux to learn more about the company's development approach and viewpoint on the future for social apps. Sebastien offers valuable pointers for developers and entrepreneurs working in this space. Tune in to learn more:

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