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  • Web services and YQL

    Hey all, I wanted to write a quick post to share what I think is a cool moment in the expanding legacy of everyone's favorite (only?) SQL-like language for the web: YQL (Yahoo! Query Language).

    I'd like to highlight what Neal Sample — our VP of Social, Open, & Publishing Platforms — mentions in his recent blog post: Yahoo!'s commitment to expose our APIs through YQL is growing. This means we're providing a seamless Web API experience for our customers.

    We all know an API might come and go, but wouldn't it be great if there was a YQL table abstracting it so we could plug in a new API without anyone ever noticing — or their apps being adversely affected? That is my ideal world (weird as that may make me) — I personally think it is a good thing for everyone that more and more data will be exposed through YQL. Believe me, it makes everyone's lives easier.

    I also want to take an opportunity to tout one of the coolest add-ons I have seen in my days (can it be years already?) of working on

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