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  • Reminder: We are Retiring pre-Rev A OAuth on Monday, November 9th

    Many of you may have already seen our forum post from October 14, 2009 talking about how Yahoo! is retiring the use of the pre-Rev A OAuth flow for its APIs and services.

    Why are we retiring pre-Rev A OAuth?
    There was a security vulnerability found within pre-Rev A OAuth early this year. The new OAuth 1.0 A revision has been put into place to repair these vulnerabilities.

    For full details on this, please see the original postings:
    - YDN Forum Post:
    - YDN Blog Post:

    Am I affected? Where do I find more information?
    Yahoo! has set up a few sources to find information about this migration. If you have questions about the services that are affected, how this might impact you, or full details about how to migrate to the new version, see the following resources:
    - OAuth Security Issue FAQ:
    - OAuth Quick Start Guide:

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  • YAP Announces Beta Support for YUI 2.8 within Caja

    We've just announced beta support for the YUI 2.8 library as part of the recent set of feature upgrades to the Yahoo! Application Platform. (See This launch follows the announcement that YAP applications can now be built for the Yahoo! homepage, and is another step toward providing a rich set of tools to developers building applications with us.

    What's included in this beta?

    This beta launch offers an initial subset of several YUI utilities, widgets, as well as the core of the YUI library. This means that animations, tab sets, menu trees, as well as additional DOM and event support will all be available within YAP. Full documentation of the current feature set included within this beta release (as well as a few examples) are available at:

    How do you use them?

    Script source includes to attach external JavaScript are currently restricted within Caja and will be removed from

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  • Developer Spotlight – Payvment launches YQL Table to the Community

    Christian Taylor is the Founder and CEO of A Shopping Cart Web Service that looks to destroy the senseless atrocities around downloading and installing shopping cart software in order to launch e-commerce on the net.

    I’ve always had a love affair with Yahoo’s Developer Network. As a web developer it is a great resource for inspiration. One of my favorite things about Yahoo! is that they have always given back to the developer community. Where most websites don’t like sharing their source code, Yahoo! in contrast would add some groovy new feature to their site and then share how it was done with developer using their YUI framework. ..and on a 3am coding bender, their developer docs have come quite in handy!

    So the story begins with my move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Once I arrived in Los Angeles the first thing I wanted to do was connect with other local geeks like myself. A quick search introduced me to BarCampLA. Geeks and booze, what

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  • Newest Features of the Yahoo! Application Platform

    As the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) matures and is introduced into new drop zones throughout Yahoo!, many questions have come up about developer support and the best new features. There have been numerous suggestions from our community and we have looked into many of the questions and concerns raised by our users. To that end, we have implemented significant technology upgrades to make the lives of YAP developers much easier, and that is what I want to outline in this post. I want to highlight some of the best updates to the platform and additional tools that developers may find useful.

    YML:Include Tag

    We have heard from developers that you would like to allow the small view of a YAP application to be more dynamic, or build content each time the user views the application. This was a valid concern and is one that we have addressed with the yml:include tag. This tag will allow you to automatically make a server-side request for content once the application loads. In doing so,

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  • Announcing the Whaddyathink? Application on the Yahoo! Homepage

    Whaddyathink? Logo
    As seen on My Yahoo!, we’re proud to announce the Yahoo! homepage integration of the Ask and Answer application (the application formally known as Whaddyathink?). When running through your daily news digest on the Yahoo! homepage, now you can take a break to answer your most difficult questions. Let your friends plus the public help you decide – kind of like having unlimited lifelines on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” but without the crushing disappointment of losing because of an audience that refuses to be correct!

    Voting - Now With More Oomph!

    Whaddyathink? Logo
    Polls made up of just your friends seem biased, right? Well, with Ask and Answer, your friends can participate, but they don’t necessarily have to influence your polling decisions. You choose. Now you can vote on the polls of random strangers without risking any broken friendships – and you can get honest feedback from the masses. The votes of strangers naturally are weighted lower than your actual friends. Your friends will be floated

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  • HackU Kickoff at UC Berkeley

    It was 3pm on Friday, September 11th, 2009, when the UC Berkeley students began their 24-hour hack projects. After some great introductory talks on Tuesday from Tom Hughes-Croucher and Paul Tarjan, the students were abuzz with ideas.

    UC Berkeley was the kickoff University for the HackU 2009 season and they didn’t disappoint. The projects ranged from searching video content based on user quotes all the way to the merging a puppy with Wii technology.

    Hackers and Room at UC Berkeley
    Hackers and Room at UC Berkeley

    Dustin Whittle, Jamie Lockwood, and I were on hand during the hacking process and worked with the students throughout the night. On Saturday afternoon, we had about fifteen clear hack teams all ready to present for the wonderful prizes we had to offer.

    The Prizes

    The Prizes
    The Prizes

    Besides the trophies for all winners, we also had:

    First Prize: Laptops (where was HackU when I was going to school? :/ )
    Second Prize: IPods (I could have used one of these too :))
    Third Prize: Yahoo!-pimped skateboards, mimobots, and hack blankets

    We also had numerous

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  • ConvergeSC in Columbia, South Carolina

    On June 27th, we were lucky enough to participate in ConvergeSC held within the College of Engineering and Computing at the University of South Carolina. This was the first year for this event, which amalgamated several Columbia-area professional groups into a conference geared towards promoting aspects of design and internet media to a varied crowd of professionals and hobbyists alike. The crowd ranged from technical specialists to business & marketing professionals, content creators and students.

    I can honestly say that this was one of the most valuable conferences I’ve been to. The range of talent coming out of this region was inspiring and there is such a tight knit community with a core drive towards sharing ideas. These values made me want to engage and participate – plus, they make you feel welcome in true southern style.

    Now, let’s talk talks – each presenter had just 20 minutes to get their point across and deliver an engaging presentation. Not a lot of time right? Well,

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  • Announcing prize and submission details for the Multimedia Grand Challenge

    The ACM Multimedia 2009 conference takes place October 19-24, 2009, in Beijing, China. The Multimedia Grand Challenge has now been announced; submission details and prizes for the competition are available. If you, your company, or research organization works at the cutting edge of multimedia development, this is the challenge for you.

    What is MMGC?
    [excerpt from MMGC announcement email]
    What problems do Google, Yahoo, HP, Radvision, CeWe, Nokia and other companies see in the future of multimedia? The Multimedia Grand Challenge is a set of problems and issues from these (and other) industry leaders, geared to engage the Multimedia research community in solving relevant, interesting and challenging questions about the industry's 2-5 year horizon for multimedia. The Grand Challenge is initially presented as part of ACM Multimedia 2009. Researchers will be encouraged to submit working systems in response to the challenge, for the chance to win the Grand Challenge competition!


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  • BarCamp LA 7 – Sun & Camp

    Photo Credit: tv42

    The sun, the surf and of course the barcamps - LA has it all. This was BarCamp #2 for me and I enjoyed every minute. The best part of these events is that most people love them - they love the environment, interacting with real developers who take great pride in everything that they do. Surrounding yourself with people who enjoy barcamps is truly a great experience.

    To make things easier for BarCamp-ites, (brought to us by Digisynd) took photos of the conference grid and put them online, allowing viewers to see what's coming up without having to go back to the board. The grid was close at hand for those of us with iphones (no not me - other cooler people), the grid area was still the central hub for the conference, spawning the most unlikely of talks from discussions on whether zombism stems from bacterial or viral infections to gathering more players to play Magic (yeah - I didn't realize people still played that either). Alright...enough with the

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  • YDN Goes to the Future of Web Apps, Miami

    Our visit to Miami late last month led to a very packed week, with BarCamp, internal meetings and overviews, and of course, the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference. There have been a lot of great technology releases coming from Yahoo! lately, and we were there to talk about a few of them.

    First came our 4-hour workshop on Monday, where Dan Theurer took us through an overview of how Yahoo! is open to developers and how users are interacting with Yahoo! as a result of our open strategy. Jonathan Trevor followed this up with a detailed overview of the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), showing the incredible features coming out of the YQL team at Yahoo!. YQL is a major part of the Yahoo! open stack, exemplifying what "open AT Yahoo!" means for developers. YQL allows developers to define their own tables and build their own data sets that go far beyond the reach of Yahoo!. Check out the Open Data Tables documentation to learn more about this. In the final round, I presented details on how to

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