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  • Keyboard Accessibility for Web Applications

    accessibility-205x85This post originally appeared on the Yahoo! Accessibility blog.

    One of the things I really enjoyed working on (and continue to enjoy working on) is keyboard access in the new Yahoo! Mail. As a fan of using the keyboard, I wanted to make sure that using Mail felt natural and was easy to move around the application. This is much harder than it looks because we have to establish a balance between a web page model and an application model.

    Todd Kloots, from the accessibility team at Yahoo!, and I had a number of discussions to establish a consistent pattern that could be applied to all widgets within a page and could be applied to all products that we were building. It was important to establish a consistency in design and a consistency in implementation. That consistency meant that we'd see a number of benefits of codifying a strategy.

    Describing the Page

    One of the first steps was an audit of the components that we had and how navigation currently worked across them. We looked at the

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