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  • A Peek at the Technology Behind Livestand from Yahoo!

    Yahoo! today announced Livestand from Yahoo!, a digital newsstand that will launch initially for tablet devices in the first half of 2011. To coincide with this announcement, the engineering team wanted to give you a sneak peek at the technologies we are using to develop Livestand. In some cases we have decided to experiment with new technology, in other cases we are leveraging existing technologies. This is a new area of digital media that is still figuring itself out (as anyone who has debated Native versus HTML 5 will tell you), so we would love to hear your opinions and suggestions on our approach.

    image of Yahoo! Today from Livestand by Yahoo!y-today

    A great product starts with an awesome user experience. As a mobile experience, the product needs to be highly optimized for speed, memory usage, and hardware capabilities. We also need flexibility in the look and feel so that our advertising and publishing partners can easily express their brands. To solve for this, the team has developed a native/HTML 5 hybrid approach that

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