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  • Y! Social API Guide: Now Fortified with 100% Real YQL

    We've reorganized the Y! Social API Guide, and added the YQL Social Tables to the docs as well. Since YQL reduces the number of HTTP requests and parsing of data, we thought it a worthwhile effort.

    Go ahead, page through APIs, pore through each elements table, make a note of every available query parameter. Deep inside, you'll feel happy knowing how much easier it is to join data using the YQL Social Tables instead of making several calls to REST URIs, parsing responses, and extracting information with conditional constructions.

    Yes, you could use the YQL Social Tables before. But no one documented the tables, provided example queries, listed the available and required keys until now. Use YQL. Get social data. Enjoy.


    Here are some mashups with Yahoo! social data that require one REST call with YQL, but multiple calls to individual REST URIs without YQL.

    Get the weather information for your contacts and connections. This call would require three separate REST calls and extracting the

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