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  • Jamming With the Music APIs

    As a front-end engineer for Yahoo! Music, I've always thought it would great if the web services we use to create the Y! Music pages were available to developers outside of Yahoo!, and, as of today, due to the herculean labors of our web services team, they are!

    I've created a bare-bones PHP application, for browsing and playing music videos, so you can see some of the cool things you can do with the Music API. You can download the PHP source code here, and preview it here. You'll probably want to look at the Music API documentation while perusing the source code.

    There are a large number of API calls available in the Music API. I find that there is a relatively small handful that I use over and over again, so I'm going to point out those workhorse calls.

    ## Search for Artists

    Most of the music API calls rely on a set of unique numeric IDs to obtain information. There are artist IDs, which correspond to bands and solo artists, track IDs, video IDs, and so on.

    My apps often start by

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