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  • Celebrating the Lovelace Legacy

    We’ve recently written about several initiatives to increase the number of women programmers, like the Square Code Camp for female students and organizations like Hackbright Academy. Today we celebrate Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron, a mathematician and the woman wrote what is arguably the first computer program for Babbage’s Analytical Engine back in 1843. While many today will be reminding you of her forward thinking with regards to the potential of the machine that Babbage built, we decided to celebrate Ada’s birthday and the rich history of female geeks everywhere, by highlighting three ladies doing great things in technology now.

    Changing the way information flows in developing countries

    In 2008, Juliana Rotich (blog) co-founded Ushahidi to track post-election violence in Kenya. What has since emerged is an open source platform for collecting, curating, and visualizing information with an eye towards transparency and crowdsourcing during crisis. Rotich has a degree in

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