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  • A demo of Pipes with Pasha and Ed

    Pasha Sadri and Ed Ho gave YDN a complete walk-through of Pipes. Ed first showed us how to create a Pipe and shared some examples of clever ways to use it. Pasha then explained some of the thinking behind Pipes and how it was conceived.

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    The demo is also available on Yahoo! Video here.

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  • Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the DOMs

    This event brought together at Yahoo! Mike Shaver from Mozilla, Chris Wilson from Microsoft's IE team, CTO Håkon Lie from Opera, and moderator Douglas Crockford from Yahoo! to talk about the current state of the browser landscape.

    download (m4v)

    duration: 42 minutes

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  • Search SDK Updated

    The Yahoo! Search SDK gets a minor facelift today with several improvements. A ColdFusion example is now included as well as ActionScript 3 and Flex examples for Flash developers, and an overhauled Python library. All web service calls now use the domain since the old web service domain will eventually be turned off. Props to all our SDK authors including newcomers Raymond Camden, for the ColdFusion example, and one of our own pro Flash developers, Alaric Cole, for the new Flex and ActionScript 3 content. You can download the new SDK here.
    [Update 2:30pm PST: we accidently posted a slightly different package structure for the ActionScript 3 and Flex examples than originally intended. We have now corrected that and re-posted the SDK as version 2.11 ]

    Jason Levitt

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  • Micah Laaker joins the YDN team

    The YDN team just added UED veteran Micah Laaker to the roster. He is now leading our user experience design efforts and brings with him some really interesting and valuable experience, not to mention a unique and comedic view on life and the Internet.

    One of Micah's areas of focus is user identity. In fact, you may recognize Micah's name from the ACLU Pizza video that flew across the blogosphere in 2004. His own identity appears in many forms out there including some interesting recent listening beHavi Hoffmanor which, at the time of posting this, includes Whitesnake, Too $hort and Roxy Music. Hmmm, feeling nostalgic?

    A little background...

    Micah joined Yahoo! near the end of 2004. He has worked on My Yahoo! and the cross-network Personalization Platform team. His teams released upgrades to the RSS subscription mechanisms on My Yahoo!, News, and Mail; a persistent location experience; a network-wide Recent Activity component; RSS recommendations and alerts; and publisher tools

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  • JavaScript Made Even Easier

    It's been a YUI kind of week here at the big Y featuring warm JavaScript snugglies for the entire developer community. On Tuesday, Yahoo's YUI team released three incredibly useful new controls, celebrated its one year birthday party, and then topped it off with the exciting hosting announcement.

    So, not only is the YUI library well-documented, BSD-licensed, fast, and feature-rich, but developers can now harness its full power with close to zero setup time. Yeah, that's right, we're hosting the YUI JavaScript source files, CSS files, and image files in our massive datacenters so that all developers have to do is include a small pile of links in their web pages and they're off. Did I mention that caching and GZIP compression are also used to make sure the YUI files are served as fast as possible? Sweeeeeeeeet.

    We know you're noticing because the YUI library has been averaging a thousand downloads a day for some time now and the developer documentation had about 1.5 million page

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  • Search for code on YDN using Krugle

    You'll notice a nice new feature on the YDN web site here today: code search.

    We are partnering with a really cool startup called Krugle to offer this. The press release says it all:

    "The Yahoo! Developer Network can now take advantage of Krugle's code search engine and interface to allow developers working with Yahoo! APIs and data to find, save, and share code written in six languages: ActionScript, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby."

    Yes, this is the company that Robert Scoble was recently glowing about:

    "I keep hearing about Krugle from developers. They tell me it rocks for looking up stuff. Need shopping cart code? Search for it on Krugle."

    We agree. Wired also ran a piece on Krugle last year:

    "Krugle indexes programming code and documentation from open-source repositories like SourceForge and includes corporate sites for programmers like the Sun Developer Network. The index will cover around 100 million pages of what company founder Ken Krugler terms the "technical web"

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  • Implementation Focus ? co-founder Chris Lunt, Chief Architect Tim Correia, and Senior Engineer Jerome Poichet talk about their extensive use of YUI as well as a host of Yahoo! APIs provided by the Yahoo! Developer Network in creating their product.

  • The YUI video collection

    The Yahoo! UI Library team has an increasingly robust video section of the web site called the YUI Theater. It includes presentations from JSON inventor Douglas Crockford, YUI engineer Matt Sweeney, Oddpost cofounder Iain Lamb and several others on topics such as "The New Hacker's Toolkit", "An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM" and "Applying Ajax: Speeding the Journey from Idea to Information".

    On the heels of launching v1.0 of Firebug, a handy Firefox extension for working with front end code, author Joe Hewitt visited Yahoo! to give a power-user demo. The YUI team captured the talk on video, uploaded it to the YUI Theater, and now we can all get the tour. Here it is below:

    There's also a growing YUI Library MyBlogLog community forming. You can join that here.

    Matt McAlister

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  • Renkoo visits Yahoo! Developer Network (Part II)

    Joyce Park and Adam Rifkin talk to us about the technologies that power the Renkoo service. Joyce also shares her insights on the web services landscape for online consumer products and Yahoo!'s role in enabling startups to build cool tools.

  • Renkoo visits Yahoo! Developer Network (Part I)

    Joyce Park and Adam Rifkin show us how they used several Yahoo! technologies to build


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