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  • The Harvard Of JavaScript Training

    [12/7 Update: read an interesting Juku synopsis, by Yahoo! Frontend engineer Nicholas C. Zakas, on the YUI blog]
    When you think of prestigious law schools, it's Harvard. Computer Science? Maybe MIT or Carnegie Mellon. When it comes to front end engineering though, Yahoo! Juku may be the best bet. Taught largely by our in-house front end pros, including YUI developers Nate Koechley, Yahoo! JukuYahoo! JukuNicholas Zakas, and Thomas Sha, and JSON point man Doug Crockford, Yahoo! Juku is a comprehensive, 3-6 month program to train professional front end developers. The curriculum includes advanced topics in JavaScript, DOM, HTML, CSS, YUI, performance, and accessibility.

    Why train raw recruits to this degree? Well, in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Silicon Valley, it's hard-as-heck to find good front end programmers and web designers. Things aren't as crazy as in 1999, when many companies seemed to grab random people off the street to do front end development, but top talent is still scarce. The

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  • The Easylistener Music Player Launches

    It might be a stretch to say that Yahoo's new Flash music player, Easylistener, "plays" the web, but it comes close. One feature that sets it apart from many other embeddable music players is that it not only can read standard playlist formats such as XSPF, M3U, and ASX, but it can search RSS and ATOM feeds, or inside any web page, for mp3 links. There is also a philosophy - one that comes from the love of music shared by Yahoo! Media Innovation Group developers William White and Joseph Magnani. As William White says in the announcement post:

    Easylistener is different. It's not about promoting a particular product or service. It’s about embracing a new ideology – one of free-flowing music and ideas, shared via the web by real people who love music.

    Easylistener adapts to both small and large spaces, so it can fit in tiny blog sidebars, thin banner spaces, or even take up a full page. You can easily customize and put Easylistener on your blog or web site by using the Easylistener

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  • Yahoo! Is All Over Facebook

    No acquisition rumours here, just Yahoo! APIs, and plenty of them. The ever-growing number of Facebook applications using our APIs is a testament to how easy it is to get our content on to other platforms.

    One of the latest Yahoo! entries is Music Blogs, a slick Flash application that lets Facebook users search and play music from music blogs, post favorites to their profile, and share them with friends. Created by William White and Joseph Magnani of Yahoo!'s Media Innovation Group, the player has already received good press and has over 100 users on Facebook. Not bad for a week-old application.

    The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to sample some of those Yahoo!-based Facebook applications, some made by Yahoo! employees and some by 3rd party developers. Here's a, by no means complete, short list:

    Music Blogs application on FacebookMusic Blogs application on Facebook

    • - Creates a bridge between your and Facebook accounts, letting you display your recent bookmarks on your profile. You can also display recently saved bookmarks
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  • No Limits With RETS

    It's one thing to be an open, unencumbered, standard, but it's another thing to become a widely adopted standard. For years, the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS), an XML language for marking up real estate data, languished. It was never widely used and didn't fully serve the needs of B2B users. With the RETS 2.0 standard, however, large MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data providers are poised to adopt, and all kinds of technical real estate users are excited about its prospects. While RETS 1.x will still be used for listings transfers, the RETS 2.0 standard directly addresses the needs of B2B users - the brokers and MLS companies who need to distribute real estate data.

    To sort out the state of RETS, and give a little insight into how developers can use the RETS data, I had the opportunity to speak at a session last week at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) conference with Chris McKeever, Strategic Architect for the NAR, and Matt Lavallee, Programming Lead at MLS

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  • Some Java With Our APIs

    Today we offer up our new Java Developer Center, a helpful set of tutorials for developers who want to use the Java programming language with various Yahoo! Web Services. If you've been wondering how Java handles Flickr Authentication or BBAuth, come check out our code samples and articles. If you find that you have more questions, feel free to join the discussions in our ydn-java Yahoo! Group. Special thanks go out to Daniel Jones who did the heavy-lifting on the code samples and tutorials.

  • YDN Theater: presenting Yahoo! technologies in action

    Just over a year ago we posted our first video from YDN, the browser-based authentication screencast with Dan Theurer. Though we went totally low-fi on that first attempt, we realized immediately that talking about technology visually was very interesting.

    We continued down the video path and interviewed developers like Joyce Park, Adam Rifkin, and Leah Culver; captured Tech Talks by several key Yahoo! thought leaders like Douglas Crockford, Ryan Kennedy, and Nate Koechley; shared presentations from guest speakers at Yahoo! like Grady Booch, Joe Hewitt and David Weinberger; and produced some entertaining Hack Day videos from the London Hack Day event, University Hack Day and our recent internal Hack Day.

    Today we take the next step by launching YDN Theater.

    There you'll find more of what we've been doing already plus new programs like Jeremy Zawodny's "Experts at Work" series including the first episode with Chief Performance Yahoo! Steve Souders this week and coverage from industry

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  • Building Front-Ends? Join The Fronteers

    Seminal JavaScript and general front-end maestro Peter-Paul Koch, whose quirksmode site is the preferred analgesic for those many painful JavaScript and CSS moments, has established a professional organization for front-end engineers called Fronteers (FRONT-end enginEERS). He gave a talk at Yahoo! last week about Fronteers, and you can read all about it on the YUI blog. The talk was video-taped and is available on YUI theatre in Yahoo! Video format as well as an iPod/iPhone-compatible format. You can also view his presentation slides.

    Jason Levitt

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  • Zawodny On Cranky Geeks

    Free music, free love (with robots), and social networking are some of the topics that our own Jeremy Zawodny will discuss with Sebastian Rupley, Editorial Director of, and John Furrier, founder of PodTech, on episode 86 of John Dvorak's Cranky Geeks. Send your comments and questions to before 12 noon PST today and maybe you can contribute to the melee madness. Or will it be tame, civilized discourse? We'll soon find out!

    Jason Levitt

  • University Hack Day 2007

    When you peel back the layers at Yahoo!, the core of innovation is usually a small group of people building something they think is really cool. That's what we want you to do at University Hack Day: grab our stuff and mash it up. We'll bring Maps, Search, Answers, Flickr, Music,, and all the rest of Yahoo's properties, documentation from the Yahoo! Developer Network, demonstrations from our very best engineers, loud music, all the food, drinks and Faceball you can handle.

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  • Bill Scott on Rich Interaction Design

    Bill Scott served as a Yahoo Ajax Evangelist and engineering manager from 2005-7. In this talk, given at nearly a dozen conferences around the world, Bill taxonomizes the rich interaction patterns that characterize the evolving web — a must-see for web designers and frontend engineers.


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