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  • A short adventure with Yahoo! Pipes

    Editor's Note: Warwickshire County Council in the UK recently began to open up their local public data, as part of a wider Open Government Data intiative being spearheaded by Tim Berners-Lee. This Guest Post post by Graham Hyde describes his entry in the Hack Warwickshire competition, which opened on May 1, in search of exciting applications, web sites, mashups, and visualizations built using Warwickshire Open Data. Graham is an Applications Database Analyst, Warwickshire County Council, and you can email Graham. See the Editor's Notes for information on Yahoo! Pipes.

    It comes to something when you weep tears of joy, not sorrow, after plotting a Warwickshire-shaped group of points on a map in the middle of the Indian Ocean. That’s what you get it you mix up latitude and longitude. And equally, that’s what you get if you all but recently believed a “mashup” was just something you did with tea.

    As this accurately described me, I was attracted to Yahoo! Pipes because I didn’t need to

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  • Tracking the popularity of Yahoo!’s OpenID Service across the Web

    Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Post blog post from Brian Kissel. Brian is the CEO of JanRain, which offers a user management platform to help organizations succeed on the social web. A key component of the platform is RPX, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that makes it easy for users to login with their existing Yahoo! Account or other network identity provider, as well as publish their activities back to Yahoo! and other social networks.

    Yahoo!’s OpenID/OAuth Hybrid protocols and social APIs have helped extend the Yahoo! brand across the social web and enable authentication on third-party websites via a user’s existing Yahoo! identity. By integrating these robust Yahoo! APIs into JanRain’s RPX solution, we are seeing firsthand how our customers benefit by allowing visitors to login using an existing Yahoo! identity.

    RPX is deployed on over 170,000 sites today. We took a look at a few sites in different verticals and geographies to get a snapshot of differences in user login

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  • Acknowledging Clarice, My Mentor

    When I heard about Ada Lovelace Day and the opportunity knocked on my door to acknowledge a lady who defies the norms and does a job so well done it warrants an appraisal, I jumped to do it. This women is not a techie, she’s not a powerhouse exec, in fact, she’s not even a Yahoo. She is, however, the reason I am here at Yahoo!. Her name, Clarice Soloway. This woman is my mentor.

    My name is Jessica Jeronimus, and I am a Search Data Analyst in Yahoo!'s Search Editorial department. Our group is doing some amazing stuff here. We search the millions of pages out there in the world wide web and collect only the best and most useful information to populate our search pages and make it easier for Yahoo! Search users to find what they’re looking in fewer steps.

    For the past 3 years or so, I have been coaching a leadership program at Landmark Education, independent of work, where the mission is to empower people who are taking things on in life professionally, personally, and everywhere in

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  • ConvergeSC web event comes to South Carolina

    Editor's note: This is a Guest Post post from Gene Crawford, a web designer from Columbia, South Carolina, and a founding member and organizer of ConvergeSC.

    The first-ever ConvergeSC conference takes place on Saturday, June 27, 2009, at Amoco Hall at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia, SC. Web designers, web developers, and marketing and sales professionals whose careers involve the web will converge at this one-day event to gain insight into all aspects of the web industry. We'll be joined some of the best and brightest in our industry, both local and from across the country.

    ConvergeSC grew from the need among web-focused groups to build a more connected web community, which doesn't exist formally in South Carolina or the region beyond. We’re spread out, working hard with our heads down. ConvergeSC is an opportunity to educate and inspire each other to do better work. We hope you'll leave ConvergeSC with the mission to build or design something amazing for yourselves and

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